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Ignorant cigarette throwers

I like to live in a nice clean environment free from litter and debris. If I buy an item, say a bar of chocolate, from a shop I would never dream of unwrapping and discarding the wrapper to the floor/pavement but unfortunately litterbugs seem to be devoid of any self pride, pride in their community or care for anyone except for their own sorry pitiful selves. God, the times I felt like picking up the recently disposed litter and stuffing it down the throat of the miserable offender regardless if it's a small wrapper or an empty cola can and I would make sure it went all the way down!
Anyhow, that's not my main rant here today. As if litter bugs weren't bad enough, why do cigarette smokers feel it necessary to throw a lit and still smouldering cigarette onto the pavement?
If they want to burn my children's feet then why don't they just ask politely and I will happy pass my child over for them to burn which ever toes they want… NOT!!!!!!!!!! Jeez, you ignorant b*stards, at the very least you should step on the cigarette to ensure it is no longer a danger to young and inquisitive children.
Oh, and another thing, my blood is boiling here now because I have had several bad experience with this particular activity…
The activity of casually flicking a cigarette from your moving vehicle! Omg, I almost crashed my motorcycle twice now after the driver in front tossed his ciggy from the window. The first time it happened the offending cig went straight into my open visor and burned my face. The second time was when the ciggy hit the deck then another passing car launched it straight into my neck and dropped down my leathers and burnt my throat and chest. Very, very hard to keep control of a motorcycle at 65mph when in agonising pain.
Another incident involved my children. One time a passing car casually tossed his ciggy… straight to ward me… and my young child in his buggy. I dodged and wondered where the offendiong ciggy had gone. Unable to find it I continued angrily with my journey. Hmm, what's that smell? Jesus f*ck&ng christ!!!!! My babies blanket is smouldering and on freakin fire!!!!
A similar thing happened on a car journey when a tossed ciggy entered my car and landed on the rear seats. Umm, who's gonna pay for the replacement seat now then and the damage to the front of my car after I hit the barriers because the cabin of my car was filled with poisonous smoke from the newly ablaze seating? Lucky I hit the barrier and not an oncoming vehicle.
So, a warning to all you ignorant f*cking b*stard cigarette throwers… watch out for me because I WILL have my vengeance!!!


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Pavement Cyclists

Why do cyclists insist on riding at high speed on the pavement and endanger the lives of innocent pedestrians.
I personally have no problem with cyclists if they have respect for other people but I have been struck at least 12 times recently and once ended up in hospital with broken ribs.
Also my children were hit by a cyclists who collided with their buggy. Fortunately they were not injured but were shaken up.
The second time they were hit was far worse when the cyclist approached from behind. We were oblivious. I have been hit this way many many times.


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