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dont worry be happy

everyone in the world should take a step back, realize we are all living the same life, and help eachother out. imagine a world where everyone is so f***ing polite and nice to everyone that theres never a bad day… i have found that the more i help others with random acts of kindness, those who recognize it will return the favor. i believe this is human nature, we are all brothers and sisters in the fight for life. lets love one another. for the sake of acting upon our own happiness. we can achieve happiness but we wont allow ourselves because we care too much of ourselves. the true nature of the human mind lies in its connection with others. the close bond to other people brings a meaning to others lives and your own, so why dont we all just band together live in peace? i dont know


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spare a dime

it bothers me how much competition is in our world today. everyone is out to destroy their opponents to get the cash or the glory. without a doubt our world is centered around currency and it can cause some people to get a little crazy when they have spent their whole life doing something. i guess what i want to say is i wish everyone could just relax and realize, we are all living the same game of life. We all know what its like to be sad and what its like to be happy, so why cant a species so advanced as ourselves recognize that difference and look to minimize the rough parts. but yet we continue to advance economically, technologically, psychologically, and any other career path the government has us on.

i guess what i am trying to say is the world has only be like this for so long, many other species with unique lives have lived before us for millions of years, up until "recently" (in the grand scheme of forever) any life on earth was filled with struggling to survive and fight for your life. now we struggle to pay heating bills because we upgraded to a better looking graphic video screen in our house AKA television. i am just bothered by the fact most of America (my home hell-hole) is oblivious by the fact that they waste money of such obscure new technology while other people on earth can barely find food everyday. if only there were safe ways to get food and supplies to certain parts of the earth. it would only take several dollars from each person in america or china etc, to help thousands of people. we can put a man on the moon but we cant get basic necessities to those who need it in the far off planet of africa? (joke)


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