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Asians in the library??What was she thinking?

So, most of you have probably seen that video where that girl from UCLA complains about how Asians talk too loud on their cell phone in the library. WTF. Every single library I've been to in America, people have talked on their cell phone as if they were in their own home. It's not "American manners", it's just something that HAPPENS. And how is she going to complain about asians when she goes to one of the most Asian-filled colleges in America? And honestly, the part where she said that all the asians have their family fly in every freakin weekend.. that's just ridiculous. I don't know if she means that they fly in from ASIA or from another state in America, but does she even KNOW how much it would cost for just ONE person to fly from Asia to America EVERY WEEKEND? It costs at least $1500 PER PERSON to fly from asia to america. How stupid can she be? And they do not cook their food for them, do their laundry, etc. LOL w.t.f. seriously. Their siblings? Yeah. okay. maybe just to visit. Their parents? Very unlikely since they sent their child off to college to be independent. and last, but not least.. GRANDPARENTS? YEAH RIGHT. They're too old to be flying on airplanes every single freakin weekend for 15 hours. I don't know what made her post that video, but I hope she has no friends. Oh yeah, and that one part where she said "I don't mean this towards any of MY friends. Just random people i don't know.." Whateverrr. Too bad she didn't know beforehand that Asians all over the world would hate her. I bet all of her Asian "friends" hate her now. loll. Too bad.


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How can somebody hate somebody like Jack Johnson????

Jack Johnson's music may not be someone's type, but how can someone hate on his lyrics? His lyrics talk about good things and being chill and relaxed and people say that that's garbage. It bothers me so much. He sings about things like where's all the good people in the world? When you turn on the tv you only see annoying, rich, snobby celebrities instead of good people who are trying to do good things. I'm actually ranting about this because of one comment on Jack Johnson's music video for If I Had Eyes. This guy said that his music is garbage and he doesn't know any blacks or asians or latinos who would listen to it. LIE. And he also said that he's openminded loll. What a liar. If he was open minded to different types of music, he wouldn't have called it garbage. It just really, really bothers me that someone would say that about Jack Johnson because he is such a good person. He donates a LOT of money to charity, sometimes all the money he makes off of his tours. He has a family with a wife of 11 years and 3 kids. He puts them FIRST before his career and he keeps his kids's names out of the public so they don't have to go through crazy publicity. How can someone hate a guy like that? As a person, Jack Johnson is amazing. If you don't like his music I understand, but don't hate the guy because you hate the music. Pisses me off.


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