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This is f***ing bull s***, f*** off!

Are you f***ing kidding me, that bitch. So here is the f***ing story, I tell my best friend of 2 years how much I like her, and her answer was, sorry but your like a brother to me I can't. Alright fair f***ing answer whatever. 2 days later my other best friend that I introduced to the girl starts dating her, by the way he knew everything that happened between me and her. So the bitch just rejected me and is dating my best friend 2 days after? Are you f***ing kidding me. I say whatever I don't give a s***, me and my best friend are all bros before hoes, so he tells me that the day I told her I liked her, She texted him and told him, and he asked if she liked me, and her f***ing answer was he is as good as gay to me. ARE YOU f***ING KIDDING ME???? f*** YOU BITCH, YOU CAN GO f***ING BURN IN HELL. So she f***ing breaks up with him, and I confront her about her saying what she said, and she laughed and said "You know what I meant". So I said f*** her, and I just lost my best friend, oh and my other best friend moved far away, so… f*** EVERYTHING!!!! f*** YOU, f*** LIFE, f*** IT ALL BITCHES!!!!


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