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Urrrrrrrrrrrgh! I f***ing hate it! and no-one gets it. all these f***ing bulls*** youtuber partners. they make bulls*** videos about famous people, or simple things like how to wear makeup. AND THEY GET THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF MONEY FOR IT! I mean really????????? REALLY! I just hate how people who do so little cna make so much. They dont even have to get out of f***ing bed. Shane Johnson who makes s***ty videos is earning over A MILLION DOLLARS!!!!! Mind = blown. It aint right! No-one even f***ing clicks on adverts on youtube videos anyay, who f***ing pays attention? and you may be wondering why the f*** are you bitching youre just jealous. Well of corse i am f***ing jealous, they make so much money doing nothing. Who the f*** wouldnt be. and i dont want to be a partner because i a ctually want to do something with my life instead of finding an easy way out like this f***ing whores. i miss the days of youtube when there was no money involved and people were more real. i f***ing f***ing hate it.


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