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Take your angry azz home if ya dont like my services...

This goes out to all you crazy azz people who think they are better then anyone else…I work at a photo lab and im here to tell you that I'm not a rug that you wipe your dirty feet on! so lets set things strait…When you walk up to our counter with your film and theres a big sign that reads ONE HOUR PHOTO, dont ask me how long it will take or say, well you dont look to busy, you think it will be done sooner…WTF! I work my azz off each day with the normal fake smile greeting people like this. And when the photos aren't done in an hour…ya dont get them for free…
I have a stupid alert when i see you walking to our counter and 99.0 % of the time im right, the thing you are about to ask is stupid!
The instant print machines mean instant if you have a handful, but if you have tons to print, now you cant be that stupid, theres not a magic wand in those machines that just print the pics, they do one at a time, that means if someone has 300 to print you just have to wait your turn…thats just the way it works.
AND>>>>>my favorite..the copywright law is real and all i have to do is turn you in for doing them, but being that im a nice person? i have only did that two times in 7 years. So if you had photos done by a studio photographer and you dont have a copyright to those pics, then you got robed, and its not my fault, its yours for not spending the extra 20.00 to get it. So please dont tell me that you took them with your digital camera, and dont get pizzed at me and call me names because you didnt think to get the c/r once again not my fault…and just for a thought? I get along with all my customers, but once in a great while i get that stupid azz that thinks they can say or do what they want to the worker behind the counter….you better think about who's got your pics in their hands. you may not like the results!


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