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I am so sick of this girl at my university. She's one of the most annoying people at my school. ...

I am so sick of this girl at my university. She's one of the most annoying people at my school. She talks SO. DAMN. MUCH. She just yammers on and on and other people can't even get a word in edgewise. I'm not a huge talker. I actually like when my conversational partner supplies about 60% – 70% of the conversation. But she never even talks about anything interesting. All she ever talks about is what's going on in her romantic life. She went to a wedding last weekend with her new boyfriend and now her old boyfriend wants her back. Apparently, she finds this TEH MOST INTERESANTE THING EVAR!!!1 Whenever people are conversing in one of the classes I have with her, she always pipes in with some crappy story about how it relates to her boyfriend or her ex-boyfriend or how someone said something about how she and her new boyfriend look really cute together. Today, I was joking about how I was going to plan a wedding with a band member I think is attractive. She yells from across the room about how someone asked her when she and her new boyfriend would be getting married. She says, "Oh my gosh! Not until I'm done with college!"
Which brings me to my next point:
She acts like such a strong, active feminist when all she does is talk about said boyfriend or ex-boyfriend. Jiminy Christmas!
Okay, she doesn't annoy me that much, really. I just felt the need to gossip and I didn't want to talk to anyone who knew her. :P


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My friend is probably histrionic.

I have been friends with this girl "Sage" for several years. We started out pretty close, but now I just kind of feel a little creeped out by her. She's a huge attention hog and the spotlight always has to be on her. When I admitted to an eating disorder, she claimed she had one, too (even though it was obvious she didn't). Sage always has to be different just for the sake of being different. It's never about being her own person. It's "LOOK AT ME! I HAVE TO WALK UP THE STAIRS AN EVEN AMOUNT OF TIMES A DAY! AND BASICALLY WHATEVER ODD QUIRK YOU HAVE, I HAVE AS WELL ONLY IT'S 2902348 TIMES MORE ODD AND QUIRKY!"
Same with bad things. Whatever obstacles I've encountered in life, hers are always harder. I don't like to compare family deaths or divorces because everyone experiences them differently. Sage tries to make it seem like no one has ever had more hardships than she, no one knows more any answers in life and no one is as beautiful or talented. It drives me nuts! I feel embarrassed for her sometimes. If we're admiring an achievement of a mutual friend, it's impossible for her to shut up and just listen to them! Even if the attention is supposedly on them, she will automatically make a big scene of hugging them super long or turning the attention to her by saying something like, "I wish I had talent!" and going off into a corner to wait for people to come and reassure her.
She's also pretty mean. She constantly tries to undermine my intelligence in front of mutual friends. A few years ago, I asked a question aloud and she said bluntly and coldly, "No. That's not how it works." in a sarcastic tone as if to say "You're such a vapid bimbo." Then I asked her if she knew and she got really quiet. She obviously didn't know.
Also she'll post all of that ALL OVER facebook like "I USED TO CUT MYSELF!" And then she also posts things that I've said as her statuses like she made them up. I've never confronted her, but I'm scared to death to do so because MANY of my close friends are mutual friends with her and I'd hate to be the one to make things awkward.
That's not even half the stuff she does. UGH. I am fed up with it, but I feel trapped.

I think she constantly feels like she has to impress people and I could be wrong, but that reminds me of histrionic personality disorder. I am so sick of it. UGH!


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