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I am SO FREAKING bored!!!

Lately, I've been increasingly… bored. No matter how busy I try to keep myself, I find that my mind still wanders and I need more to stay occupied. Even while at work, i'll be concentrating on something, and even if I haven't finished the project faster than projected, I start thinking about other projects!
I can be on my computer, 10 windows, listening to multiple things, and still find myself fidgeting for things to do! I'm watching a youtube video, listening to a podcast, click out to read an article that came out, or just thinking crazy old random thoughts. What the heck. I wonder if everyone else has similar issues…

This is rantfoo, so I'm just complaining about how not only can I not seem to get things done, I am also usually completely freaking lacking in things to do. I seem to have watched every good movie or music album worth watching or listening to. There are no good or local meetup.com group activities this month, and facebook status updates are usually LAME! sorry! haha.

I guess I'll just have to do like they did in the old days and knit a sweater or something.. :/


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Frikkin' Police!!!

Why in the HELL, are there so many police roaming the streets today!? Aren't we in a "recession" which is really a great depression already? Not only can WE not afford it, I, personally, don't appreciate paying to be harassed.

I can't even properly disrespect the cops anymore because when I see one car drive down the street and I get ready to flip him off long distance or shake my head, I turn my head to the right or left and BAM! another cop car, staring at me, with those evil looking shades.

Don't you hate it when they "shark" you?! They slow down reaaal slow and stare at you… Very creepy and kinda presumes guilt before innocence. Bastards. They know we all can't talk shizz about them because… WE ALL HAVE WARRANTS! Hell, I've got 3 year old warrants for riding a bicycle with headphones on and riding a bike without lights and riding a bicycle while crossing a red light and i'll be DAMNED if i pay them.

This ain't China! No offense my favorite founder of Rantfoo, but jeez louiz! Leeeave me alooone! and For God's sake, DON'T TASE ME!


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Perpetual Bad Luck!

ARRGHH!!! Now, maybe its just me being a drama queen(king?) W/E! I've come to accept that i'll have bad luck for the rest of my life and that I have to come double prepared if i even expect to get by in a mediocre fashion. But sometimes, it's sort of like the universe is insulting me or particularly dislikes me.

In all aspects of life. Sports, work, women, EVERYTHING. Just give me a BREAK!

Since this is rantfoo, i hope you aren't mad at me for not having a real point to my RANT! lol.

Show me some LOVE. sheesh


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I don't watch tv, haven't done so for the last…oh… three or more years. I can't stand the endless commercial interuptions, shamelessly inept writing or lackluster energy of a project. They just think of something a large sect of Americans will identify with and put a cheap director on budget. But occasionally a show idea will capture my interest. It's about non-linearity… if that's a word. The story can't be predictable, and the characters have to have actual PERSONALITY. How I happen to figure out through watching youtube trailers which shows I need to watch, I have no clue, but I do.

Spartacus, Blood and sand
Family Guy
Battlestar Galactica
Run through your list, I've found the greatest shows and become a greater, more knowledgeable and experienced person through all the new doors they take you through.

TruBlood does just that! It's not that they completed the task of having a plot, science fiction that makes a weird sort of sense, mythology, and good characters, its that they do it all SO WELL.

It turns out that it really IS all about the person. I love the fact that whoever is writing the script, individual or team, they understand human nature and are able to interject humorous quips that real people make in all their unique situations. It's just genius.

I can't get enough of this show. Very rarely does a hollywood project make me want to stalk the set wherever they go, risking jailtime. >)___)


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Throw Obama Out W/ the Bathwater?

lol. Nice title, I know. But with this gulf oil spill disaster. key word, DISASTER, becoming more of a disaster of politics rather than technology, Obama is guilty of more than his share of crimes.

Openly not allowing foreign trawlers to use the best means of mitigating this disaster to not allowing out of work gulf residents to participate in the cleanup, to his wife saying that people would be safe to vacation there when almost every single exxon valdeez worker is now dead thanks to the inhalation of the toxic fumes.

This is as bad as Bush and Giuliani saying people should come and shop in NY when there were still toxic chemicals in the air which resulted in many deaths and cancer cases affecting victims to this day. Thank you Obama. You come closer and closer to Bush every day


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Worst. Movie. Ever...For Now

M. Night Shyamalan's newest movie, The Last Airbender, was supposed to be his comeback supermovie. On paper, it was a brilliant concept: Take a horror movie 'specialist'(he's gotten a little crappy with this horror flicks), do a 180, give him a big budget, an action/suspense film with a popular fan base and a cult following. I admit, i myself stood up and clapped for Shyamalan when I heard the news. I though: you can't lose.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Never say never. Never hold out hope. Especially when you're dealing with Shyamalan.

Uwe Boll previously held the award for "Worst Director Ever", but that wasn't fair at all. Today, we have a clear victor.

1. s***tiest casting since… Well, i can't remember since i deleted the last trash movie from memory.
2. Terrible acting. I mean, give Luke Skywalkers father a round of applause, because the force has to be strong for this slackjawed hippie to keep getting big roles. Everybody seemed a little lost, like they didn't know how to pronounce things. made me think that the director was making them nervous or throwing them off. I'll bet anyone $12 bucks he was wearing a chicken outfit on set.
3. Don't get me started on the storyline. I mean… my god… LORD HELP US! Only a truly bad movie makes you realize, while watching it, how many flaws it has and how you could fix them yourself and what you would do if you were in charge of this project. sheeesh.
4. what a way to jumble the storyline trying to create a rivoting plot. you could tell this was made for little kids and that the ..ahem… director, didn't know what he wanted to do next. he had no vision. no clear beginning or end, which showed in the scattered lead up to a lackluster climax, laden with innappropriate musical scores.

Just makes me beg the question… M. Night… Do you hate America? To do this to us?
Lead us to believe you are a good storyteller with movies like the 6th Sense. Then throw bricks at our face with things like "The Happening"

The only good thing to come out of the movie was Seychelle Gabriel. What a beauty… Until you google image search her and she's not even a real blonde. or blue eyed. SMH! You'd take even that much away from us Sham-alan… You bastard…

Thank you Rantfoo for letting me vent.


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Speaking of inside jobs! I PROMISE you that someone as strong and experienced as fedor can't be submitted by someone like werdum without it being fixed! I'M TELLING YOU! IT WAS FIXED! He threw his arm into Werdum's guard twice! no one does that! smh


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No to the NWO!

heh hehe. had to make my first post anti new world order, you know how it is! but speaking of rants! What's up with those Cavaliers fans! why so angry?! They should've expected that Lebron would go somewhere where he could win! they should be happy for him!


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