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f***ing Gypsy Neighbours

Hello A. and P.,

when you came to live upstairs, I didn't hold any prejudices against you, even though Romanian gypsies have a world wide reputation of being thiefs, lyers and conners.

Multiple times you guys offered me coffee, and multiple times I accepted the invitation.

This does not mean you can knock on my door and ask me for numerous things.

1. I do not want to buy stolen sports-clothing, sports-shoes, bikes, laptops, flat-screen televisions etc..
2. My boyfriend is not going to design your "Hollywood-style, 10 bedroom villa" in Romania, let alone do it for free.
3. My boyfriend isn't going to buy a "cheap car" in London and drive it all the way to Antwerp, Belgium for you.
4. No, you can not tap off my internet and share the bill, I already have a cable running through my window in case you need to tap of electricity
5. I am not going to lend you any more money, as it has taken already 4 months to repay 50 euro's, and what's more, every time you receive money, you guys have admitted on gambling it away in mere seconds.
Also I told you that taking on a loan via those criminals at Citibank for a 2m wide Plasma television you wouldn't be able to afford in a million years is not very wise if you can't even provide milk powder for the baby.
6. I want my vacuum cleaner back, I know you sold it, but I want it back.
7. I want my bicycle back, seriously.
8. Can you please stop having massive domestic violence attacks in the middle of the night.
9. When family visits you in the middle of the night, could you wait talking and yelling at them when they actually are INSIDE of your appartment, and not yell at them from outside the window on to the street or in the corridors.
10. Could you please not move big furniture or kitchen items up the stairs after midnight?
11. Can you please turn down the Romanian s***e-folk music down after midnight?
12. Can you please take care of the baby? Letting a baby girl cry for hours on end isn't good for her.
13. Can you please move the broken plasma television out of the corridor so we can place our bycicles inside the house.
14. Can you please not stock your garbage bags on the roof next to my window. It attracks all sorts of vermin and it makes the whole building stink.Buy rubbish bags to start with.
15. Leave me alone generally, I am inside my room because I want to rest after a day's work. You people would consult me from the split second you notice I'm home. That's why I don't put any lights on anymore, put the telly volume on the minimum, and piss in the shower so I don't have to get in the corridor anymore, where the chances are high that you might hear me.



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