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Is this my mid-life crisis? Do I feel the urgent need for a big bike and a funny haircut?No, I'm just out of touch with things and happy to stay that way...I have alternative - literally medieval - hobbies, I think too much about everything society says isn't important, and nothing like enough about what is supposed to be vital...happy with that, too. The rest? Read the rants and make your mind up. Ask.

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Ranting At Myself

Half past one in the morning, am I stark raving bloody mad?!
I am up in less than five hours, I was tired all this week and all the week before, collapsed out over the weekend and remain feeling like a corpse ejected forcibly from its coffin.
Still, I'm reading rants and checking emails, and eating malt loaf, as if THAT was going to help get me to sleep!
This is terrible, my mid life crisis is composed of snacking in the wee hours and a total lack of Harley Davisons.

I can't sleep! I'm dead tired! I WANT MALT LOAF!!

Oh, I give up…..


And for those overly observant amongst you who may read the time stamp and realize that i actually wrote this one early evening…PEDANTS!! An artist rants about his subject matter when the need strikes….


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Who MAKES this stuff?! <home electrics>

Modern flats, purpose built…
Purpose built for WHAT?!
The electric are designed by crazed lunatics, I swear it, and ones who think that rooms need to be illuminated – badly – with tiny light bulbs. Not standard fittings, not even screw fits. Oh no, strange lug-nut things that need some sort of way-out-there idiosyncratic mindset to think through the process of putting them in. They're supremely difficult to put it, and the fittings are cheap, nasty and get HOT really fast. There is nowhere safe to grab them At All, and – needless to say – these lights are placed away from windows so no natural light to work by….

And of course, they blow about twice monthly. And are expensive and difficult to replace.

Let's not even talk about the wall wiring.

Whoever designed this lot -you need to be strung up on your own bizarre, out-of-reach fittings and illuminated until the skin burns from your back.

You twat.


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Eye Contact

Buses. People. Eye contact. Bizarre clothes and odd behaviour.
have I got your attention yet?
Let me paint you a picture. It's a late-evening post rush hour bus, and everyone is doing what London people always do – zone out the rest of the world and pretend it doesn't exist. our basic ostrich mode.
Something happens … an argument, a person with a tall orange hat, an orang-utan wearing bullet bandoliers, a pith helmet and a ukelele. Doesn't matter what, but OBSERVE...
I've heard of crimes committed in broad daylight to a teenager standing in the middle of a crowded bus, and not a voice says boo. I have prsonally got onto a bus in armour,wearing so many swords , daggers and whatnot they were banging on the seats as I went past … not a comment. Not a sqeak.

God bless the suburban London public, we're all doomed.


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