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Girl's Advice? (Part 3)

I find it strange how some type of people crave a certain characteristic. For example, I am average to fairly tall height but I find petite girls sexy. It's not like I don't find the tall, long-legged look attractive but for some reason I think girls under 5'4" are very cute. Almost any girl I like is usually at this height or shorter. I've heard a rumor that tall/big guys tend to like girls who are small and petite, which somehow I have managed to fall into. I have asked others and they feel the same way too. Does anyone else feel like this or something similar? Can anyone explain this phenomenon?

Also, please explain on why dimples are considered cute or not? I have two (one on each cheek) and I never really cared about it. But lately, people have been pointing out that I have them. Yes, I am aware of them, I see them every morning in the mirror. What's so great about them?

Any other physical characteristic is also considered to be cute? Perhaps hairstyle or something about the chin that I'm not aware of? I've heard of how important a great smile is with pearly whites, but what even constituents of a "great smile"?


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Girl's Advice? (Part 2)

Thanks for the great responses people.

Has this term haunted any of the guys out there? "friend zone" Ever been stuck in one. I've been in a few and trust me girls, it s*cks to be in one. Had my heart broken before because one of them used me, badly. But in the end, I can't help how I feel towards them. I think it can be a good thing to date your friends. It helps get rid of the awkward stage of having to get to know someone before you start dating. Girls, what do you think of this "friend zone?" guys, ever been stuck in one?

Not to confuse anyone, but friend zone is deemed for a guy when a girl friend (not to be confused with girlfriend) does not think of the male as being a potential boyfriend. THATS IT! I do believe males and females can be friends without any sexual attraction. If you believe otherwise, than good luck trusting your better half. Not to mean I wont get jealous if there is a guy who likes my gf but I am secure enough to trust her and know that she loves me and only me. I have been in friend zones before my current gf as I referred to above. Hope to clear this up.


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Girl's Advice? (Part 1)

Bored at work so I've decided to rant about how much I don't understand women.

So, first thing, I don't get what girls want in a guy. Are they looking for a thrill? Someone who is exciting, dynamic, and fun to be with? Or is sensitive, nice, and kind enough? I don't get how they expect all these characteristics in just one person. Ladies, what are something that you must have in a bf/fiance/husband? Any traits or something tangible that is considered a deal breaker otherwise?

I know of a few from some women who told me. Not a mommy's boy is popular, along with confident, funny, and smart. No standard answers please, like tall and good-looking.


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