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We the sheeple of AMerica

Bush was fiscally the worst president ever. He ran up a debt of $10 trillion during his 8 years in power. People were shocked that it was even possible for one dude to put his country into so much debt. Commentators worried about the fact that it would take several generations to pay for Bush's b.s. Bush attacked Afghanistan and Iraq, and the American sheeple voted against those wars both in the 2006 Mid-term elections, and in the 2008 presidential elections. In 2008, the US mainstream media told the disgruntled sheeple that they wanted "change", and the sheeple happily obeyed their orders, following the a**hole in front of them and dutifully voting for "change". So along comes "change"... served up with a side of secret attacks on Pakistan, carried out within days of coming into to office. Then comes the stealing. This mofo manages to steal $7 trillion from you within weeks of coming in to office. It took Bush almost 6 years to steal $7 trillion from you fools, and you let Obama do that in a couple weeks. Seven f*cking trillion! and most of you f*ckers didnt even notice! I'd be suprised if half of you even remember any of this, I mean it happened more than 2 years ago, and most of you have the attention span of a flea. Now comes Libya. The f*cker who you chose to end the wars and bring "change" first launches a secret war in Pakistan, then expands the war in Afghanistan, then starts another one in Yemen, and now has started bombing the f*ck out of another poor, defenseless country.

And what are you f*cking sheeple doing about it? Absolutely f*cking nothing. Most of you will probably vote for the evil f*cking demon again
"but, but Gaddafi's a madman!, he killing innocent civilians!" baaaaa baaaa baaaaa you f*cking sheeple! wake the f*ck up!
What happened to finding Bin Laden ? baaaa baaaa baaaa!!!!!
what happened to the WMDS? baaaa baaaa baaaa!!!!
and now you're all ready to support another f*cking war!
Whats it gonna take for you stop trusting those politicians? When are you going to take back your country from the evil cabal that took over it 100 years ago?

Turn off the TV and read, motherf*ckers, read!

The answer to 1984 is 1776!
Viva La Revolution!


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