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Being 37 and not having a career is not where I intended my life to be when I imagined myself ...

Being 37 and not having a career is not where I intended my life to be when I imagined myself at this age when I was younger. Believe me I have tried everything to make my life the way I have wanted it, but things never seem to work out the way I intend them to. I have a plethora of skills that I have required over my life time both blue collar and white collar. I interview well, there are just not a lot of opportunities where I live especially in the field I was pursuing in college.

I have attend an online online college with the promise of getting noticed and landing that job that lets you have your piece of the American dream. I went to a certain university that I will not name, made the deans list every semester that I was enrolled in classes at this university and maintained over a 3.8 GPA and my senior year a 4.0 GPA. Unfortunately I ran out of funds and could not graduate, so basically I have nothing to show for all the effort I put into the higher education. I believe this to be my biggest letdown for two reasons. First, not from the lack of devotion, motivation and determination but that no one would even give me a chance to prove my skill set and be a valued employee of an organization. I believe that these employers look at my higher education as a joke because it is an online university and many of these employers probably think that you cannot get the same training and hands on experience as in a traditional classroom setting. Secondly, I have accumulated a large amount of debt from pursuing a higher education and now I will be a lifetime before I ever can get it paid off. They say with big risk comes big rewards so… where's the reward? I guess its a lifetime full of education debt.

Just remember, online schools are a business and do not care whether you succeed, graduate, or obtain a better paying job.


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