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There's this girl(her sn suggests she's a girl) who claimed she found me on Yahoo directory and decided to add me because she likes chatting with people. I told her I don't know her and have no interest in chatting with her over two months ago. I'm suspecting that there's a machine behind that sn. Every time I sign on to check my e-mail, I get messages from her. Regardless of what time I'm online, I instantly get a message from her right after I sign onto my e-mail.

I always ignore her and don't even bother looking at her messages but she keeps sending them. I did read some of her messages once in a blue moon out of curiosity but I always ignored it. I tried to block her the first time I chatted with her because she was sending me inappropriate sex implied messages but was unsuccessful at it. I was assuming she was spamming me but after that incident, she sent me legitimate messages as if to become friends with me. This morning she sent me a message the second I signed on as always: "Looking for my four leaf clover". I thought she called it quit yesterday after I sent her some advertisements but she's back again today.

I don't understand. What is this person trying to accomplish?


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