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Lyrics these days

Dance by Big Sean is a terrible song. Does anybody listen to lyrics these days?
"Take my belt off bitch I'm Pootie Tang" – OMG, he's Pootie Tang so I must take off his belt. (TBH, I just looked up Pootie Tang in urbandictionary.com and it says, "Pootie always respects the ladies." therefore he cannot say, "Girl you talk too much, shut up" while respecting ladies.
"I'm st-stacking my paper my wallet look like a bible" — that's just f***ing stupid.
"And if she look good she pay me in sex" — She's going to pay you in sex because she looks good? Uh? WTF? If I look good I'm not paying you s***. f***ing weirdo.
Like seriously, if someone came up to me and literally said that I'd have this look to my face like, "what the f*** did you just say?"


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