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Adult Sibling Rivalry

Adult sibling rivalry. I know … Oxymoronically in theory, and yet HARDLY provident in existence!

I have a brother who is 2yrs. older than myself, and a sister who is 6yrs. younger. My sister and I have always been extremely close. My brother … Well, that's a different story entirely. I don't get it!

My sister has accomplished so many things, things I couldn't imagine being capable of accomplishing myself. I admire her as a result. I'm proud! And I don't use that word loosely. I have no problem with bragging about how gifted she is in regards to her intelligence and her self-disciplinary, self-motivated traits. I encourage her, as she does me.

With my brother, on the other hand, I feel entirely different. I used to use this approach with him as well. However, I no longer have any desire in complementory words or acts in favor of him. He does a fabulous job in complementing himself, primarily by belittling others and pointing out fault or flaws for self-gratification- mainly to boost himself up. We all see how insecure he is and how miserable his life can be at times but regardless, it baffles me that rather than accepting help or simply acknowleging his family's support, he has chosen to isolate himself by taking his frustrations out on everybody around him, rather than taking that energy and using it to better himself and his situation. Everybody around him has grown extremely tired of his belittling comments.

Here's where I play a role. For me, it has gotten to the point where, in rejection of his "high & mighty" attitude and his belittling ways of getting his point across, I oftentimes find myself disputing whatever he says. I will argue against anything, regardless of whether or not I agree with any BS that may be coming out of my mouth. It has become a battle with the intention of deflating that arrogent and self-rightous head of his.

Although, this has undenialbly made for interesting family get-togethers (as there is never a dull moment) I'm certainly aware of how old and tired this is becoming. These incidents always end in my feeling awful and feeling as though NOTHING had been ultimately accomplished- as nothing ever is. Yet, as much as I try to contain myself, my tolerence for his behavior has worn down to nothing!

So, besides the breathing technique (which has proven failure when pertaining to this issue) does anybody have any suggestions in handling a situation such as this?


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Nose Pickers in Traffic

What is it with these people who think they suddenly disappear when they're driving in their car?! We've all witnessed those nose pickers, while sitting in traffic, who dig wayyyy up there with such conviction! As if what they're searching for lies somewhere in between their sinus and their fore-brain. They dig with such passion and with disregard to those around them gagging, tearing up, and struggling to keep their last meal down. Or even worse, to those who were running late to work, so they grab a Nutri-Grain Bar to go. In the process of chewing and right before swallowing, one quick glance diagnally … And WHAM!! The Nose picker!!! You notice them and quickly turn away in hopes that you didn't see enough to send goosebumps and trigger that gag reflex. However, that split second is always enough to engrave that picture into your brain. It doesn't matter how quickly you turn away upon the realization that you've got a nose picker beside you in their quest to find the prize. It only takes the mere awareness that there is indeed a Nose Picker in the act to send your stomach churning. Before you know it, that large bite of strawberry filled Nutri-Grain bar suddenly turns into the world's largest, snot-filled boogar as if makes it's way down your throat. And breakfast is ruined!!

I've got ONE word for you: -YUCKY!!!

Didn't your mama teach you manners?!!


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A Rant on the Bi Rave

Just a Rant on the current Bi Rave …

I was at an upscale L.A. Lesbian Club over the weekend, and as I was dancing with my friends, a straight couple approached me and asked if I was a lesbian. I rolled my eyes (as I knew what was to follow) and answered, "yes." And just as I had predicted, they immediately made it known that their plans for the evening included taking me home and "the girlfriend" having her first girl-on-girl experience. Imagine if gay person approached a straight person at a straight club with this same proposition.

It never ceases to amaze me how straight girls assume that if you happen to be gay, this automatically gives them a chance with you. So I'd like to take this opportunity to clarify something here:

This may come as a shock, but I actually do have standards. And if I workout hard to be able to wear a tight mini-skirt and expose my abs, and if I pay out thousands of $$$ to enhance these tits, why would you think that I would even be remotely interested in a fat-ass Oompa-Loompa, such as yourself?! Furthermore, why would you feel the need to inform me that your boyfriend finds me attractive-as if having him involved would somehow make the proposition more enticing. What part of "Lesbian," are you finding it so difficult to comprehend? This usually involves a dislike for penis! Well, on a man at least!

I'm gonna let you in on a little Lezbo secret: If your man suddenly begins to act as if you have just suddenly fallen off the face of the earth, and you notice him drooling all over me, chances are that I'm way out of your league and I'll have to send your ass back to the Minor's! Moreover, what your "man" is really thinking is that I just happen to be "uncharted territory," and that I just simply haven't found the right penis yet. He's also thinking that HIS just may be the RIGHT ONE and capable in turning me straight. And as soon as he proves this to me with his super-penis, he plans on leaving your ass for me. Do you ladies not get this?!!

So for those of you who, "Sometimes you feel like a nut-sometimes you don't," — on those days where you don't, instead of scoping out the nearest Lipstick Lezbo, try sticking with someone such as yourself… Bi-Curious, Bi-Sexual, Bi-Whatever you happen to be. And let us have ONE evening without having to deal with this s***! I'm sure homo's don't roam around STRAIGHT clubs hitting on unsuspecting straights! What makes you think it's okay to do that at a Gay club?!

I'm not interested in your STD, HIV, AIDS, Hepititis, or whatever other parting gifts you might have to offer. These are all almost nearly non-existent in the Lesbian Community, and we'd kinda like to keep it that way.


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