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I'm Lana, a crazy obsessed teenager. Haven't yet found happiness so here I am. You Me At Six, Frankie Cocozza, Lady GaGa and my best friend make my smile a little less fake.

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First Day Of Term.

I was really sad about going back to school as you know from my previous rant. But I've really had it with that school. A bird shat on me on the way to school too! I was like "De fuqq" I have no idea how to tell my mum I wanna move, we've spoken about it but i dont think she gets how much I wanna move. fuqq my lifee. : )


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School 'Friends'

Its the end of half term soon, and that means on Monday, I will have to go back to school. But you see, secondary school has never been good for me. My best friend went goes to a different school to me and so the first day of year 7, I was dumped at this school and I just wanted to fit in. I found a girl that was as weird as I was and we became really close and I thought she was the person that would help me get through school but after teasing me about my weight and calling me anorexic (which I am not) I'm no longer friends with her. So I had to find some new friends pretty fast and I did. They're nice and all but they're not people who I would hang out with by choice. I like You Me At Six, Paramore, Panic! At The Disco and stuff whilst they love One Direction, Nicki Minaj and stuff like that. Tomorrow night will be spent crying about Monday. I want to move schools but I don't know how to talk to my mum about it. I've already been hit at school by this girl. That pushed me to the edge. I Dont Know What To f***ing Do. Help?


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