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Im 19, I'm a psychology student
I love music and film, I love good conversations
I love meeting new people and learning new perspesctives
anything else just ask

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until our next rocket launch

By now you're probably dissapointed that I never bothered to call you. You're probably thinking to yourself that I don't care about you, that I never even considered you a friend or maybe I am giving myself too much credit and you probably could care less If I called you or not.
But I care…. believe me I care. In fact, I care too much and I realize that my expectations of what could have been are hopeless. I see your facebook pics, and how you have spent your time since we last saw each other. I see that you've become a popular person, you holding red cups around posing with random people, still sporting that sweet smile that took my breath away every time I was lucky enough to see it. I am really happy that you have broken out of your shell and you now lead that life you always wanted. I haven't been so lucky to be honest, I am still sort of socially awkward and is in this inferiority complex that I fail to muster the courage to call you. I mean, I was so ecstatic when we regained touch through facebook last month. It was such a great feeling reading that message from you, and remembering all the amazing moments we shared. Maybe they were not that special to you, since they were brief but I must confess that they meant the world to me. It didn't matter if it was our usual random conversations we had while waiting for class to be over, or that small hug you used to give me when we said good bye. They were special, and I realize that our worlds are too different for us to share those moments again. And I may be a fool to hold on to such silly memories. but I will always cherish them and hold them deep within me, with the hope that one day our worlds can become one again.



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