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Long list of annoyances

The f***o bastards who found my dead cat and didn't bother to ring me about him, despite the fact that he had a f***ing collar with his name and my phone number on it.

The f***wits at the local paper, who will allow you to submit a classified ad to them, but won't tell you how much it will cost until AFTER you've submitted it. Dodgy much?

The 58 cocksuckers on the road yesterday who decided it would be a great idea to drive 20 under the speed limit because f*** it – why not? Compounded by the dumb bitch in front of me who changes lanes without indicating, or looking in her blind spot, which I was in due to my attempt to pass the stupid cow as she trundled down the road like she was driving a f***ing tractor through a field.

The people next door to me who collect f***ing animals and then neglect them, so I feel like it's my own responsibility to offer to take said animals instead, when I can barely afford to feed myself and my partner properly.

The f***ing dumb-arse univeristy system that won't tell me what score I need to get in to any of my courses, can't tell me what my results translate to (score-wise) and don't release qualification letters until halfway through January. What if I need to find a f***ing job dick-suck? I'd like to have at least some sort of idea of what will be happening next year so I can plan around it. Thanks for that, Federal Government.

Speaking of which. Every single political party in this back-woods f***ing country can suck it. Not a single one of them can be trusted. I know that everyone has been saying that for thousands of years, but that's because it's true. Individuals might go in there with a goal and an idea or two, but within a week they have a fat wallet and a f***-you-I'm-rich-now attitude.

My damn partner, who asks me to wake him up at 10, then goes straight back to sleep anyway. WHAT WAS THE f***ING POINT OF THAT, HONEY?

People who park too far to one side in an already-tight car park. f*** you wankbiscuit, I can't even get my f***ing Excel into that spot now.

OK I think that's all I have for this weekend.


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