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I cough outside, The cops get called on me

So last night I was sitting on my step at 1am talking with a friend. After about 30 minutes of talking one cop car drives past and another stops at the end of my street. They get out the car, point their flash lights at me first then my friend and literally ask "Were you two fighting? We got a call that a woman was being beat at this address." It took only a couple minutes to convince them that I certain wasn't getting my ass kicked and one cop car left, another stayed just watching us. I'm use to my neighbors hating me because I sit outside late but this was the first time cops were called and for all reasons somehow me getting beat. I have a cold so did my coughing keep you a******s up? Did you really think calling the cops would make me go inside? Because that just made me wanna sit out there longer. So whoever you were I hope you enjoyed me coughing loudly and clapping my hands every 15 minutes to sound like hits until 4am hoping I'd piss you off enough for you to come out and tell me off yourself. You know where I live dear neighbors. Why not just come over and let me be the one to call the cops when I kick your ass?


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