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About Ames:

I'm sarcastic, cynical, totally random and I tend to have a very realistic view of life yet seem to always want dreams to come true. Walking paradox, no?

I love having fun, my family and my friends and I absolutely adore my dog!


I'm a college student at UCLA .

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SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( I NEED SLEEEEPPPPP!!!!!

Friend: you're awake!!!

me: I'm waiting for 930pm so i can knock out.

Friend: why 930???

me: Actually, if I sleep earlier than ten I wake up around 3-4am and toss and turn for about two hours before going to sleep and then having to wake up at 8.not a pleasant experience at all.

Friend: _ so what's why you're waiting for 930??



me: because I'll get ready then, iron my laundy, and by the time i'm done it hould be close to ten or at least a lil bit after.trust me i have this planned.


This transpired not five minutes ago in an online chat with my bestie…apparently I have been neglecting her and saying I need sleep. Her reaction, Why are you still awake, honestly, really similar to her "ARE YOU RANTING" http://rantfoo.com/rants/250/are-you-ranting/ o.O reaction. Truth is, I DO NEED SLEEP!!!!! Arg…AND I'm going insane without it….

But, as i have pointed out above, I cannot go to sleep early or else… :'(SO SAAADDD!!!! And I know this from experience. Every time i go to sleep to early i wake up in the middle of the night and instead of getting a night of nice, restful sleep, I get the worst sleep ever!!!

:'( Any ideas or suggestions on what I can do to actually get a full night's rest without having to wait till late at night to get it?

HELP ME!!!! I need to learn to sleep early, especially when I pull an all nighter the night before with no time for a nap!


puppy dog eyes Help?


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Arg… >:(


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Drunk Dialing!

OMFG! Don't Do IT! seriously don't!

I have had a few friends who have done it and have seriously regretted it the next morning! Hell I've done it and I was not pretty…

So please! Don't drunk Dial! Especially not me, because i will definitely NOT be nice to you during the convo!

And yes, that means you Jess! That means YOU! NO more f***ing Drunk Dialing!



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I WANT this...


and this

:'( When will I be able to afford you, oh adorable Jimmy Choo…Actually, Why the Hell do you send me emails about your new collections when I know I can not afford this…?


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what IS this WORLD coming to???

OK, so first i find out that pluto, lovely and absolutely adorable pluto, is no longer a planet! THEN, i learn that my amazing Brontosaurus, the one that made the Land before time cool, is not real…and NOW, NOWWWWWW.... the triceratops never existed…HOW CAN THIS BEEEE?????

I've been lied to all my life! I feel so let down! The sadness, the blasphemy…the deception!

='( The tears will not stop falling.

Today is like the day when i finally acknowledged that Santa Claus was not real! The little kid inside of me just died a little more…sigh

LOL, OK so I could have done without all the melodramatics, but really, I think it gives this post a little more character. But seriously, Here, read this!



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Yesterday It was a scrapped knee...Today...

Its a twisted ankle! Seriously!!!! Can I be any more uncoordinated this week! And it seems as though the perfect time for me to fall is in public. So now I'm a walking disaster!

Darn! Where did my coordination go?


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The Beginning...

of my day was an utter disaster! Seriously! Woke up late for class. The bus I'm supposed to take for class left me, AND, the icing on the cake, getting off the bus to get to class i fall down and scrape my knee. Take note that I was wearing a pair of jeans! Can you say OUCH! So now I am walking around with a big whole in my jeans and a scrape that does not hurt, but burns in the most annoying manner…

Here's to hoping my day becomes much better as it goes along…

however, knowing my luck today, probably not…=/


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This is what my 'friend' said in order to get me to sign up to this site. Granted that after going through it I realized its pretty cool.

But what really gets to me is that she always, always does it. and I mean always. Seriously. And in the end, I can't help but be mad at my self for giving in. Its kinda exasperating to know that she seems to know best all the time. A complete know-it-all…

Doesn't that frustrate you to no end. Knowing that there is someone out there with the power to actually persuade you to do things you rather wouldn't? Seriously, It annoys me to no end to know that there is someone out there that knows me well enough to change my mind so quickly.

And that Happens to be my best friend, who sometimes really knows-it-all, yet always does it with the best intentions.


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