and now u are pi**ed off? I was a good friend to you.

I was a good friend to you, you didnt always deserve my f/ship. I work nearly full time and have my own life, you only work one day a week, yes you have some medical issues that stopped you from working and yes you have to live with family as an adult and u have money issues too,I know life has been very very tough on you but I dont have much money either!We all have our own s*** to deal with! I was always there for you, I listened to you, supported you and was there for you when yr family issues happened, I visited you at yr parents house often,spent time with u as a friend, was a friend, even though yr mother hated me, I was always nice and respectful to her and yr father. She never said it to my face, why not? then I could have not come if she hated me so much. You criticised me and my personality, you were at times nasty, and yet you needed me as a friend. You were so self absorbed and yet you never really asked after me or what I had going in my life. I had to tell you and then you still gave smart ass remarks and told me what I should do, and criticised me when I didnt do what you would have done. Its all about you, I know u have had a lot happen lately, and I feel very sorry for you and I have been nice, but you have emotionally drained me, I was nice and a good friend and when you moved and found yr man I was happy you are happier. I was given a rest and I needed a rest from you. I still want to keep in touch, but please dont go on and on about you all the time when u call,learn to listen! god no wonder my friend that you met doesnt like you! its not all about you!! I cant be yr "go to" friend now,I have my life and work and you have a new life, a new man and you still dont know how u treated me? now u ignore my hello, hope you are OK texts? Im not calling you, u need to call me, u have drained me and you will never know. I wish you well, really I do, and I hope you learn to listen.

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anonymous ranted 8 years, 3 months ago.
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anonymous commented on this rant 8 years, 3 months ago.

She's just using you. She's not a real friend. Real friends don't do that to each other. You're not anyone's slave. Don't let people treat you that way.

nachorittos commented on this rant 8 years, 3 months ago.

Sounds like your friend needs a therapist. They actually get paid to do that. I'm all for helping a friend out, but there's a point where it becomes really excessive. They shouldn't lean on you emotionally ALL the time. Your friend really sounds like she needs to start trying to stand on her own.