I hate those people
that chat to you online
like, you don;t know them
but they just become friends with

Okay, i don't mind that part.

But what the hell is wrong with those people that
like... ignore you at school the next day.
Why can't they just say HI or sth tactful to do?!
And later I have no choice and ignore too.
Then they start to gossip about me that
i ignore.

f*** you all

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rantrantandrant ranted 8 years ago.
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anonymous commented on this rant 8 years ago.

Ohhh yeah I know a few of those people. When I see them and try to say hi, and they don't make eye contact, I guess I look like a loser saying hi or waving to no one, hehehe. ^.^"

anonymous commented on this rant 8 years ago.

That happened to me a lot. It's because I'm shy and socially awkward in person. I don't ignore people on purpose, the timing is always off when I see them in person. Then, out of awkwardness, I ignore... There were some pretty bad instance of it. It made me feel so bad but I never confronted the person to clear things up. :/