Child Nutrition Bill Stalls in House

This is a rant about a news article on Yahoo! News that I just read: http://yhoo.it/b7a8l0 (the link is shortened and looks unfamiliar because I used bitly.com to shorten it..).

The gist of the article and the bill is that it was proposed that the Child Nutrition Bill (which would make public school lunches "healthier") would receive funding from moneys that would normally be allocated for the food stamp program.

Several things are bothering me here that I would like to rant about:
1) I believe food stamps should be eliminated. It is a radical view to many and many of you will dislike me for this, but I also believe welfare (in its current state) should be eliminated. The private charity infrastructure should be strengthened, and if a welfare system is going to stick around, it should undergo drastic renovation because the way it is now makes it very vulnerable to abuse by people who don't actually need it/people who are capable but not willing to work/lazies.

2) The federal government should not be concerned with setting such specific requirements on public school lunches. Government is already too big. I know Michelle Obama means well by advocating for child nutrition, but I think she's tapping at the wrong level. She should primarily work on helping to educate parents who could, in turn, teach their kids to live a healthy lifestyle (this doesn't mean starving kids, or keeping them at a low weight, or telling them they should be skinny). Key word here is "healthy."

3) I believe the government should invest in better physical education classes and not school lunches. Along with being raised right at home, children should also be educated in schools. I know for a fact that many physical education classes involve running and rotating through different sports at regular intervals throughout the school year. This is not a bad thing, but the most important part is missing -- "education." Classroom based education. You can force a kid to run a mile at school and play sports during PE, but what happens when they graduate from high school? They should be able to make healthy lifestyle choices. Physical education programs in most public schools are lacking in providing students with the necessary information that would most certainly prove useful not just while the students are at school, but also later on in life when they graduate.

There are so many things wrong with our current education system and the amount of regulation the government has now that I would like to release my frustrations about, but I think that's it for now...


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Calai ranted 8 years, 9 months ago.
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anonymous commented on this rant 8 years, 9 months ago.

This is just your opinion. You don't know anything about the people who receives food stamps and welfare. If you knew what kind of s*** they have to go through for it and why they need the assistance, you wouldn't be rambling on this nonsense.

Calai commented on this rant 8 years, 9 months ago.

Dear Anonymous,

My rant comprises my opinions/frustrations on current issues. Of course. :)

It's not nonsense. It's undeniable that welfare today is abused. You also say that there is a lot of *stuff* people have to go through for welfare. As such, I proposed that if welfare is to stick around, it should be "renovated." It's actually quite logical. Furthermore, I also suggested that the private charity infrastructure should be strengthened -- that would be of even more benefit for those needing assistance. I don't mean to speak any nonsense. :)