Getting involved with the wrong person

My friend called me yesterday. I knew something was probably bothering her. She didn't talk to me about the problem until I started probing. It turns out she's been dating this guy. She said it wasn't a good fit but she had feelings for him. It wasn't that simple. They met each other through her friend. He kissed her on the first day and wanted to have sex! They barely got to know each other, and he's already making her feel guilty for not letting him get close to her. The problem is, she fell for it and was starting to feel guilty. He was trying to get her to think that he only wanted to get close to her because he had strong affections for her. He made it seem like if she didn't let him get close to her, it meant that she didn't have strong feelings for him. Soooooo BS!

After talking to me, she finally broke up with him over the phone earlier today. He asked to see her, and she was tempted to let him even though she knew he wasn't good for her. I notice a very common mistake among people. Even when people see big obvious flaws in someone they meet, they still get involved with that person. The next thing that always happens: girl/guy starts to have deeper feelings for that person. After getting hooked in the relationship, they finally decide to get out, because they know the person's not good for them. Then, they find it painful to let go!

If you know something's not good for you, don't get involved, and run as fast as you can away from it. Stop making such a common mistake! It's easy to get attached to a person when you get to know them personally. That's just how it is. Regardless of how bad a person is, once you get to know them, you'll become attached. I've made that mistake once after years of avoiding that mistake because I wanted to try something new for a change. It didn't turn out well. I had to go through a lot to get myself to stop having any feelings for that person.

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anonymous ranted 8 years, 11 months ago.
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XeroLimitsX commented on this rant 8 years, 11 months ago.

This guy moves fast and seems very dangerous for your friend. I would advise her to keep her distance before something highly unfortunate happens.