Throw Obama Out W/ the Bathwater?

lol. Nice title, I know. But with this gulf oil spill disaster. key word, DISASTER, becoming more of a disaster of politics rather than technology, Obama is guilty of more than his share of crimes.

Openly not allowing foreign trawlers to use the best means of mitigating this disaster to not allowing out of work gulf residents to participate in the cleanup, to his wife saying that people would be safe to vacation there when almost every single exxon valdeez worker is now dead thanks to the inhalation of the toxic fumes.

This is as bad as Bush and Giuliani saying people should come and shop in NY when there were still toxic chemicals in the air which resulted in many deaths and cancer cases affecting victims to this day. Thank you Obama. You come closer and closer to Bush every day

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frnnkdlxx ranted 9 years, 1 month ago.
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