I was only testing your response

Jeez people. We already agreed to having dinner tonight, on the phone! Just because I never responded to your chat this morning doesn't mean you should just disappear on me like that! It's just chat! You should know I don't use chat much.

I did see your message but that was hours after you IM me. For a change, I wanted to see how you'd respond if I don't IM back since you're one of those people who don't say bye to me. I assumed that people who don't say bye to me on chat means they don't take chat too seriously. I was obviously wrong. Now, you're not talking to me for that little thing I did. What a friend! Meany!!! =P

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anonymous ranted 8 years, 9 months ago.
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elle commented on this rant 8 years, 9 months ago.

Mature people don't like these type of games. Especially in a online chat convo, being ignored is kind of like an insult equivalent to being stood up or blown off/disregarded. I might be speaking for myself on this, but I suspect this person as do others, share the same thoughts.

It's sad and not good that he took it so seriously but it's also equally sad that you decided to do your little "test" when there really was no legitimate reason to. Your reasoning on the fact that he doesn't say bye in a conversation to signify the end of a convo isn't much. Big deal. Ignoring (in any regard) on the other hand is something I'm sure you'd react the same way to if you were on the receiving end.

You don't use chat much. I suggest don't use it at all to converse with him/her. Keep it to actual voice conversations.