Two Faced People

Dont you just HATE two faced bitches who are nice to you to your face, but then you know they slag you off behind your back? Or they are nice to a friend of yours then slag that person off to you? Its so infuriating! >.< if people have a problem, why cant they just tell the person they have an issue with?! For example, a friend of mine pretends to like this girl not many people like. She is all nicey nice to her face, but then when shes not around she slags her off! Its like, either you like her or you dont. I've told her to make her choice, yet she is still being two faced. Is it just me or does anyone else not like this?! The girl who gets slagged off is actually one of my best friends and people are always being mean to her behind her back and slagging her off to me. It really does my head in! I dont want to know whether they like her or not and tbh i dont really care! If they have a problem with her they should tell her, right?! Jeez, the people of this world really anger me!
Well, ima sign off now fellow ranters, i have a date to get ready for! All my love and rants; N <3 x

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anonymous ranted 9 years ago.
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middle commented on this rant 7 years, 5 months ago.

I hate it! There's someone who used to be so nice to me but suddenly she's being all mean, but still so nice to other people! So when i once raised my voice on her people were all like on her side. Her sht act is great.

sessychick13 commented on this rant 8 years, 2 months ago.

Oh wow i agree *off to the person next to me " jeez what a dumb rant"* JKJK
I know how you feel
This girl in my street accuses my cousin of being a two face-er
but its so funny cause she is a two face-er...
I gave her a chance to be nice and when i thought she changed she attacked my little sister
She is 17 my sister is 9 so i had to step in ...
But yeah, that happens

BBBrhatt commented on this rant 8 years, 10 months ago.

Ha Ha...I know right??? I feel that about with everyone I actually talk to. It is sooo hard to actually not be the wy they are but I feel it can be done...Sometimes it would be sooo nice to just lay into them and state how you really fel about the way they are acting....call their bluff and state Hey I know that you will only trash me as soon as I leave so lets do something different and tel me the truth right here right now but be warned after you finish with me...I will also have the mic.....and well you may not like the observations I will be expressing..Haha..Hmmmmmm..or not???

anonymous commented on this rant 9 years ago.

I know exactly what you mean. Imagine having someone like that in your family! It's worse when the person is very manipulative and just denies everything even though it's a fact.

Mmonkey commented on this rant 9 years ago.

you have seen nothing yet, once you get to a certain point, it will mean nothing to you. of course by then you have mastered it yourself.

Who_Am_I commented on this rant 8 years, 12 months ago.

Its easier said then done. I'm probably one of the most direct people around but telling someone the truth can be difficult. Ironically, it gets easier the more you like them, so if you don't like the person, it can be very hard to tell them face-to-face. Most people would tell white lies to spare someone's feelings which can be essential. As her friend, if you care about her, then drop hints in what she does wrong to annoy people. For example, if she criticizes someone, tell her she shouldn't do that and she might be hurting their feelings. I'm sure she will eventually come around and stop.

BBBrhatt commented on this rant 8 years, 12 months ago.

Ha Ha...fullyunderstand what you are talking about. TO your face they are sooo sweet, yet turn around and they knife you in the back. I have seen this at work, at home.... Every where I go it seems as though not only the women but the guys are the same way. I feel as though they are meerly expressing their true feelings and bringing out the true sense of who they really are

elle commented on this rant 9 years ago.

"If you're gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty." - Marilyn Monroe


Sad Panda commented on this rant 9 years ago.

I see your Marilyn Monroe and I raise you an Abraham Lincoln.

"If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?" - Abraham Lincoln

justin commented on this rant 9 years ago.

haha good one larry