Aren't you afraid.....(part 2)

So, I have a fascination for convertibles....

One night, a classmate approached me when I was walking to class and asked, where's so and so?

I responded: "He's coming to pick me up after class ends".

He responded: "I drove my Supra to school today, wanna ride"?

My eyes lit up! "Of course!" I responded.

We were off enjoying the drive until he started talking about how one of his good friends suing the other one because the guy attempted to rape the girl! He

asked for my advice on what he should tell the friends.

My heart sank....and I was suddenly afraid for my life! I panicked even more when I noticed he took an unfamiliar route to my house....

Thanked God, I got home safely....That's the last time going into a car with someone I barely know!

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