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Girl: I grew up with this guy and I've love him for most of my life. I took him for granted and it was too late for us to be together. I never had feelings for anyone else until I met you.

Guy: I'm sorry, I can't be with someone who's fallen in love with someone else besides me. I especially cannot accept the fact that you will do practically the same thing for me and another guy. That doesn't make any sense. What's the point of being together if you're treating me like the other guy? Just forget it.

Girl: I understand. Just know that, I'll always be there for the both of you regardless if we're together or not. I'll travel to another country if either of you ever needed my help.

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anonymous ranted 8 years, 11 months ago.
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elle commented on this rant 8 years, 11 months ago.

That's part of the logic of a break up. When two people break up, they cannot and should not remain friends or even try. IF they remain friends, either person cannot be in the special-valued position they once were when they were a couple. It's not copacetic. At least I don't think so and I agree with that guy.

Works the same way for females. There's a reason why one person is in that position and that's because they're special. They're valued and actions defy leaps and bounds for that one person, not two.

Who wants to be second place? Especially when the first place person doesn't reciprocate.

anonymous commented on this rant 8 years, 11 months ago.

same feelings for the both of you = no special feelings for either of you.