Chopsticks and Doorbell Ringers

Random, but felt the need to share.

Friend: Class is so boring! :-(

Me: awe

Friend: Class is so not getting better. :(

Me: lol just got home from starbucks

Friend: :( so mean. Rubbing it in my face.

Me: He he he errr
i just discovered 3 pairs of chop sticks hidden beneath everything in my purse lol. And a fork in my black school bag.

Friend: Thats nasty. :P lol. Rant about that. :-)

Me: They are not used lol

Friend: From wheRe?

Me: Let me look
[restaurant name here] for chop sticks and fork origin is unidentifiable

Friend: Wow. Weirdo. Lol. :-)

Me: You are mean to me

Friend: How? I was joking.

Me: I was kidding as well

Friend: What?

Me: Jehovas witnesses just rang my doorbell

Friend: And?

Me: And this morning, 2 big hot guys also rang My doorbell and delivered my futon bed yaaaay

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anonymous ranted 9 years ago.
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anonymous commented on this rant 9 years ago.

This is a really random conversation.

Ames commented on this rant 9 years ago.

Honestly, its kinda scary how in sync you and your friend are...

anonymous commented on this rant 9 years ago.

Oh yeah, scary!