Service dogs I get, but owners of them don't need to be an a**! I know they are working I ...

Service dogs I get, but owners of them don't need to be an a**! I know they are working I don't mess with them and this woman decided to be a dick to me because of her service dog. I know the rules such as don't talk to them etc. I mean I had a service dog too, but my high school wouldn't allow him in the school and when I started fighting it the school made my life hell so I knew even if I won it would be sh** for the next two years and changing schools wasn't an option. Their excuse was if I brought a dog everyone would want to bring their dog...okay but not everyone needs a service dog soooo.... either way this woman I ran into when I went to Petsmart. Me and my mom were thinking about getting another dog (My service one had died of cancer). After an three hours of being in the car...yes I had to pee so my first priority was making it to the lady's room all the way in the back. Not stopping to look and pet or whatever interaction some do with the animals they see in Petsmart. So my mom was like I'll go too since they have their clearance bins back there so maybe they have something for the cat. Now something important to know is I am not the tallest but nor am I the shortest so I tend to do the whole...if it's not in my line of sight I don't see it (Sorry for anyone under 5ft 6). As we were walking to the back I look over hearing the birds chirping and down that aisle at the opposite end I see a beautiful dog. It had to be at least half husky and maybe something like half German Sheppard. Now seeing as we were looking for a new dog we have been thinking about breeds and had gotten in the habit of when we saw any breed we liked we would say to the other "Oh I like that." Or "That's a pretty dog." Etc. So with out thinking I say in a low whisper that my mom could barely even hear "That's a beautiful dog." Suddenly from beside me I hear someone snip "DON'T TOUCH!" I jumped so high I swear I nearly hit the ceiling. I looked as I felt a cold nose brush against my hand (I believe this was on accident on the dogs behalf.) Walking past me towards the front of the store which was the complete opposite direction I was heading was a golden retriever (With its vest on) with her wheel chair bound owner. I stopped walking and the lady stopped moving her hand to keep on her way. She looked at me and gave me a snarl. I was extremely confused. She was so close to me and I was up against the edges of the aisles and she had all this room to be over on the other side. Yet for some reason she insisted on being so close that her dog accidentally bumped his/her nose on the back of my hand and of course it had to happen after she shouted at me not to touch. She refused to keep going until I went on my way as well. So finally, as my bladder was about to explode I said to myself just forget it! and began walking only to hear her behind my back saying things like "Stupid b**** talking to my dog like that!" The entire time I was so confused because had she not have said anything I probably wouldn't have even noticed her or her dog. More than anything I wish I could go back and tell her just how much of a delusional b**** she was being. Yes she had a beautiful dog, but no I was not talking ABOUT her dog because up until you sniped at me I didn't even know your dog existed!

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WTFlife! ranted 2 years ago.
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