Tell me what to f***ing do

Tell me what to f***ing do. Tell me what to f***ing do with these f***ing feelings. What the f*** do you want from me, you want a friendship but you don't want my feelings for you. Well I try to stay cool but do you know how tormenting it is for me, to stay friends with someone I can never have. f*** you! You can't have it both ways and expect me to just 'deal with those feelings' on my own. I f***ing liked you. And I meant it. It's just a crush you say, well I wish I could crush you right now. How do you think I feel when I look at your eyes or when we're sitting next to each other. If I can't have you, be cruel and walk away from me please. Don't make me the one who has to leave instead.

So just go.

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pyro ranted 3 years, 4 months ago.
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