Exam week of hell.

so, as I said in my last rant, exam week is coming up.
well its been four days since then and the final day is tomorrow.

I have the exam of death tomorrow, also known as my ICT exam.
so my grumpy ict teacher, knowing that the 3 of us who take the exam are practically idiots, decides to put the entire ict exam online for us to read. AND the answers to the exam along with it. and this means that he expects us to get high marks JUST BECAUSE he gave us the answers.

Nope. sorry sir, it doesn't work like that.

NUMBER ONE. I am an idiot and can't read tiny writing very well.

NUMBER TWO me, knowing i'm going to fail, decide to take notes of the answers for backup.

and I get on to where the exam is, with pen and paper in hand, what do I find?

the entire page is blank.


f***ing BLANK.

does he want us to f***ing fail or something??? FIRST he says that he wants us to get high marks, and then, adds something on to the website last minute so we can't see it.


whelp, I'm going to fail.

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