This girl I used to be friends with is engaged to be married to her Step brother, her mom married ...

This girl I used to be friends with is engaged to be married to her Step brother, her mom married his dad, when she was very young. The man she is engaged to is still married to one of his many baby mamas. They've been engaged for two plus years and he's still made no effort to actually get a divorce. He's 30 years old, she's almost 23 and they both still live at home, she claims to pay rent to her mother, but even still. She and him broke up for the millionth time back in December or so. She then slept with her "best friends" younger brother, sexted with a guy she went to school with, and started sleeping with a man, over twice her age, who is also older than her mom, who was the son of one of the older women she was taking care of(her job), all while still accepting and talking to her, step brother/ex-fiancé/fiancé. (Would like to add she was talking to the older man before she broke things off with her fiancé) She found out that her fiancé then added the girl he was talking to while they were dating and flipped s***(even though she had slept with multiple people since the breakup and also cheated on him?) Well, her fiancé found out she was sleeping with another man, so he was going to cut her off, take back his car that he was letter her drive(he paid the insurance and the car was in his name) leaving her with no way to work, so then she asked if she could buy the car, he agreed, but never made any payments, shortly after, they got back together(even though she "hates" him so much and blames him for all her problems) and was then pregnant(is it even his baby, how she could be 100% sure is beyond me?)
With all if this, I've been friends with this girl for years, but can't take it anymore. She claims to be such a hardworking independent person, yet, she still lives at home, she uses her fiancé's car, to which she doesn't even pay insurance(the same fiancé who is her step brother, who has cheated on her and she cheated on him), she keeps her fiancé's bank card and whenever she goes to the store, she sees something she likes and tells me she's going to make up an excuse as to why she needs it and gets him to pay for it, she buys food with his card, she's always asking him to get her something, but she claims to be independent? I think the only thing she pays for is her phone bill, if even, yet she wants to talk about me, someone who doesn't claim to be independent, because I live at home(I'm younger than her, but I am an adult) and have no job(have no way to get to one), even though I have a car that I paid for with my own money, but am unable to get my license due to the fact that I have no vehicle to take my test in(can't get insurance on my car without a license and my parents don't legally drive), I pay my own phone bill and buy my own food most of the time because my parents don't have a lot of money. I make money by selling things I make, when I can. Yet she's talking about me, someone who doesn't look to a man to take care of me. Yes, I'm still relying on my parents to HELP OUT, while I get my life together, but not some man who doesn't even have his own life together. Then she tries to throw in my face that she's given me rides in "her car" even though half the time gas money was provided, claiming she never expected nothing in return and I never did anything for her, yet when I received a large check from a car accident I paid for lunch multiple times(something she's never done), gave her gas money because I had it, bought her clothes and shoes. She wanted to join a gym and split the cost with me, she didn't have money on her the day we went, so I opened the account in MY name, paid the first opening fee, she never paid a dime on the gym membership, even though she didn't go after the first month, it was her idea to join, so then I was stuck paying a gym membership I didn't even care to join, $250 opening fee plus $40 a month for a year(I didn't even get to go because I had no way there without her), then bought her gym clothes, but what did I ask for in return? Nothing, but now she's acting like I never did anything for her and I'm such a mooch because she gave me some rides in "her" piece of s*** car that gets 40 mpg anyways.
I'm such a loser because I rely, somewhat, on my parents and asked her for a ride to the doctors when needed, asking a "friend"(who knew she'd try and throw that back in my face), yet she relys on her WHOLE family and a man, while being pregnant by who even knows, living at home, driving her step brothers car, yet I'm a problem?

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