Hamilton Ontario Apartment of Hell

Men and women of Hamilton I bring a rant to you about an apartment building owned by effort trust so horrendous it will give you gooseflesh.

When you think of effort trust you think of clean buildings, nice tenants and amazing superintendents however Wellington Square on Mohawk Rd east is an absolute disgrace.

I am a former tenant, I lived within the building for years, and I saw its glory days and survived through to the days when it became a downright abomination.

The building itself is advertised as such a clean and welcoming environment; however they only show you the outside front lawn, they neglect to show you the state of the apartments.
The signs all over the front lawn are a new addition thanks to our assistant superintendent, and oh what a joy he is… but I’ll get to that later. Upon first walking up to the building you will find several signs stating where a dog cannot take a crap, and how you may not loiter at all. But right underneath the sign of no loitering you will find a set of two benches and a cigarette ashtray…..

If you are found to be standing too long by the front doors you will be reprimanded and told to get lost, and if it’s not by the assistant superintendent it’s by a nosy husband beating Old Italian lady who hates people near her balcony.

Once inside of the apartment you will find a lounge behind lock and key (which is never unlocked.) You will find a recycling poster which is the LAW in the building and also you will be pleasantly greeted with the overwhelming stench of putrid garbage… Because, here’s where the juicy detail is introduced.
The superintendent insisted that the garbage chutes were to be shut down because they were too much work to maintain so instead, we as tenants are to put our garbage out back into two big bins and then they leave the door open so the stench of garbage can waft all over the goddamn lobby.

You may think that this isn’t that bad however while on the topic of garbage, I should let you know that your garbage will be ripped apart and inspected by the assistant superintendent. You see he doesn’t like it when people refuse to recycle and takes it upon himself to look through your garbage and sort it accordingly.
Tennant’s or future tenants…Your garbage will never be safe, I wouldn’t throw out anything you don’t want other people seeing.

If the assistant finds something he doesn’t like he will bring it to your attention, he will confront you and proceed to invade on your personal space and make you feel threatened. Now if you decide to go to the super and explain how the assistant made you feel, she will simply shrug it off and do ABSOLOUTELY NOTHING.
When the garbage chutes were shut down and locked forever the building began to have an accumulation of creepy crawlers. Oh yes cockroaches beyond your wildest dreams. You inform your superintendent of this horrendous infestation and they tell you it must be only your apartment that has a problem because they’re hasn’t been any other reports of any infestations.

When you insist they come in and spray, they begrudgingly bring the pest control in and they gel only to inform you that any chemical has been taken out of the gel due to pets. So it’s OH NATURAL for bug control. Let’s just say this hasn’t worked and the building is still infested. You can walk down the sticky dirty apartment halls and see roaches running along the walls. And inside of your apartment you best keep the lights on otherwise you will need a fly swatter as soon as you enter a room. Best get a wackin.
If you walk out back you will see mattresses with black dots and anybody with a brain will know what those black dots represent. Make sure you steam your apartment before moving in! Kids, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

The carpets in the apartment halls, are stained black from all the dog piss in fact the halls reek of dog piss. The cleaning staff simply cover it up with god awful vanilla spray which is sprayed so heavily you can taste it in your mouth.

The apartment themselves are totally outdated and run down, the floors are blackened with damage, pieces are ripped up and mismatched. Drains stink of moldy cheese and toilets don’t really flush. In fact the toilets almost always need to be plunged.

There is big holes in closets that are covered by metal boards glued to the wall. The windows are so rickety that they clang and clatter in the wind and in the winter they hardly withstand the icy cold temperatures of Canadian winters.

The apartments are bitter cold, make sure in the winter that when you decide to go to bed, that you put on your long johns, sweatpants, sweatshirts, winter jacket, gloves, scarves and hats! Plus a couple quilts. They only put on the heat through the day, and half of the time the heaters themselves don’t work or are broken and the super refuses to do anything about it. So if you want to be warm you can buy heaters but you won’t be reimbursed for the funds on the good ole hydro bill.

Now moving on to the assistant superintendent, I know I mentioned his garbage cop patrolling duties but let me go on to further explain, he is the lot cop. If he finds any litter in the parking lot he will become instantly furious and lash out at the first person he sees who has a floating piece of wrapper next to their car, and mark my words he has your car memorized to you.

He wastes good money that could be making repairs to apartments or helping to clean up around here but instead he uses the money to over buy on signs informing the tenants not to allow your dog to take a dump on the front lawn. I mean take a look at all the signs near the visitor parking, I count four all in a row.
I mean it is an apartment with families and adults who can read….why must you need four signs saying the same damn thing. Talk about an over use of your assistant powers. He sits on his balcony constantly watching for dogs who might be walking on the grass and then he will begin an argument with you. He huffs and he puffs and he wails to your face. He exclaims about how this is private property and to follow the rules. He is so incredibly vicious and nasty he will make it feel as though you haven’t the right to walk your dog at all or even use the front door. If anything he makes you feel like you should tuck your metaphorical tail between your legs and run away whimpering.

Here is the hilariously pathetic part about this whole dog walking charade, he owns a dog himself but never walks it. So there is a good chance he allows the dog to s*** inside of his apartment. Wonderful.
He decided to install fake cameras in the elevators to stop kids from playing on them however all it was, a giant waste of funding. Once again another meaningless purchases from the assistant. Along with these fake cameras he bought real cameras to survey the back of the building where the garbage bins are…
The reason for this, he could than see if people were recycling the right way or wrong way. He didn’t place the cameras in view of the parking lot because no cars would ever be stolen or vandalized at the building oh no. Of course not, garbage is far more important.

Let me say that two cars have been stolen and there are reports of tenants threatening each other because of car alarms.

Perhaps all the money the assistant wastes could go towards expanding the laundry room, and fixing the broken washers considering the fact there is only 6 working washers for a building of 12 floors with about 18 apartments per floor. Or perhaps the money could go towards fixing the moldy ceiling tiles in the basement?

I’m just throwing ideas out there.

God I wish the building had a suggestion box…oh wait they wouldn’t give a crap even if they did read them.

So as some final words, never ever live in Wellington Square, it is nothing but a building full of filth, absurdly noisy neighbors, Rude unwelcoming tenants, Gossip from every old bag on each floor and of course the award winning staff and creepy crawlers.

Gosh who wouldn’t want to live here right?

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