Since when are you the boss?

Since when are you the boss? There is this rude person I know, and she thinks she is the boss in all situations and is in charge of everything. She thinks that she is the best. She should also mind her own business because she gets in other peoples conversations. It is annoying. We were in a group for a class project and she was treating us like five-year olds. Seriously. She was extremely rude to my friend as well. My friend wasn't paying attention to anything, which is stupid too I guess. But Ms. Bossy told her, 'do you need to go sit somewhere else? Do I have to move you?' Because we were in a room without any teacher working on our project. She made me extremely mad. She seems so strict, that you feel that you need to listen to what she says. My friend listened to her like she was her mother. I also feel that she is a tattletale, every little thing she notices, she points out. Seriously, we're not perfect, sometimes stupid things slip out of our mouths, you don't have to make us feel extremely bad about it. We learn from our mistakes, jeez. She says a lot of bad things too... Thinks she is perfect but she also teases people and swears her face off at times. Not mature at all..

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gay ranted 6 years ago.
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