Gone to Hell

Well, let's just assume I have gone to hell, okay?
I am going through a damn drama storm that doesn't have an end in sight.
First my father gets cancer, I feel distant with a close friend, my "accidents", me repeatedly getting sick, and the resulted failed classes, yes, classes.
My headaches have been getting more and more frequent and I can't stand them. Some days I can get by with it just being a low roar, now it's usually a overpowering thunder. I also have been experiencing dizzy spells, which have me refusing to drive. I would rather no one gets hurt because of me. I think it is getting ridiculous. Doc says there is nothing wrong, which I beg to differ. I mean, who has headaches for no reason?
Plus the crack in my leg, that I failed to report, starts bothering me if I stand on it too long.
Also now, after getting "tapped" by a truck, which I still haven't gone to the doctor for yet, the base of my spin seems to bother me.
I've just been a heaping hell of pain.
I don't feel like discussing my father. I'm still iffy with him right now.
My friend; Even though I talk to her everyday, I'm not as close to her as I was before. I know she has resisted telling me things because of what I am going through, but I still want her to tell me regardless.
It's just sad how often I have been falling ill. Twice I have been out for about a week, which has helped me in my failure in two classes.

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Tekie Scythe ranted 5 years, 10 months ago.
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