Why can't I concentrate on projects!

I love school. I really do. Unfortunately, when projects come up I can't concentrate long enough to get it done, and I end up turning it in either incomplete, late, or not at all. I get high makers on tests, quizzes, and class work, but the projects always get me. I may not be paying 100% attention to the teacher, but I do remember everything she tells us. It's like this is every class. I'm now in trouble with my father because I've haven't told him why my damn grades C's. I like projets, but I really can't focus long enough to get them done. Now all of my clubs have been taken away. Statistics have proven that students taking art or music have higher marks. My grades were F's before I started going to art club, and now it's gone.

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Tekie Scythe ranted 6 years, 5 months ago.
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