There's this big fricken jerk that I know. It started last year, and I couldn't help but like him. Oh, ...

There's this big fricken jerk that I know.

It started last year, and I couldn't help but like him.
Oh, dear God, why. There's no likable qualities to him.
One, he's a freaking shrimp. I'm taller than him. I'm heavier than him. I have more muscle mass than him. I'm the same age as him. What the hell is that even?

So we started getting close, and it was nice, but having a conversation with him was terrible. He only responded with a shallow message and some face. 'O_O' seemed to be an appropriate answer to everything.

And then he ignored me for a week or two because he fell for some other stupid chick, came running back, and then dumped me for some other girl.

This kid is super annoying. He seems to know every single stupid youtube song.
He purposely talked in stupid voices. He climbs all over the place like a child and doesn't respect other peoples' personal space.

And he calls me immature.
This is a brat who skips around his neighborhood every single night with his neighborhood buddies while I'm working.
At a rare social event, I'm happy and giggly with my best friends.
God forbid we aren't like his new girlfriend, sullen and shallow.
Apparently you're not sullen, you're immature.
You can't laugh rambunctiously and make dumb jokes.

And this is coming from an annoying piece of crap. Everyone else tolerates his crap but if I so much as laugh or pull one of my amazingly awesome faces or do one of my disco routines to his annoying face poking song singingness, I'm immature.

Now he's having problems with his new girl. "I've put so much into this, and you aren't, and you're hurting me blahblahblah stop pretending to be the victim here," he says. What a load of s***.
I hope this girl is hurting him.
I hope this girl is his freaking karma, and I hope it smacks him hard on the ass.

Because if it were me, he wouldn't get away with the skin still on his feet.
I'm sick and tired of his bulls***.

If was were any less shallow, self centered, or annoying, maybe I'd like him better.
Still, everyone else likes him.
The annoying shallow shrimpy bitch.

What a load of baloney. >:(

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anonymous ranted 7 years ago.
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Rantqueen5 commented on this rant 6 years, 3 months ago.

dont let any1 contol ur life for yhou! GET REVENGE ON DIS BITCH! i suggest using google for sm1 like this.. ;)