Falling Apart

I have told people, "You can tell me anything you can't tell others, your words will not spill from my lips, as long as you're not rude to the humans I love to hate, I will not detest you, be true to yourself and I, we will have no problems, I will play Dr. Phil if your mind is going crazy, and if you are nice to me I'm nice to you, it's as simple as that," but for me that is not possible... I have a hard time talking to people even when my world is falling apart... Even when I want to scream and yell I am forced to stay silent... In my "home" my words don't matter... How I feel doesn't matter. I never even tell people whats wrong. I do this round about thing. Never really saying whats wrong, and this is because my parents would never let me tell people what happens inside "our home."
It's the next day and everyone is acting as if nothing even happened. Like everything that happened yesterday was a dream. I am getting quite sick of all this s***. My parents do this all the time. I hate it. Things that make me fall apart they ignore. Sometimes I feel like a Stranger in my own home.

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Tekie Scythe ranted 6 years ago.
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Chibi commented on this rant 6 years ago.

Dude u can always count on me cuz i know i can count on u just tell me im here for u

Tekie Scythe commented on this rant 5 years, 12 months ago.

You have no idea how much I would love just telling my friends everthing, but I fund my sef unable too.

Tekie Scythe commented on this rant 5 years, 12 months ago.

*find and *myself

Chibi commented on this rant 5 years, 11 months ago.

Dude u can always find me waiting to hear wat u got to say. Just tell me i know u will feel better cuz i did when i told u my prob.