So, here I am, on rantfoo, to rant about some ranting material. So, here goes. I've been bullied since I ...

So, here I am, on rantfoo, to rant about some ranting material. So, here goes. I've been bullied since I was age five. Why. What the f*** did I do to those stupid, f*ckheaded, w*nking b*stard bullying pr*cks. NOTHING. NOT A GODDAMN THING. And you know what, all the bullying in my life has f*cked with my head. I'm an anxious wreck these days, being ashamed of myself all of the f***ing time. And what happens to these bullies. Nothing. They get away scot-free, because the egomaniac headteacher doesn't want his reputation tarnished by bullying in his school, so he sweeps it under the carpet, perhaps giving the bully a fifteen minute detention and then that's the last anyone will ever hear of it. And you know what, f*ck me. I'm a worthless piece of sh*t. I'm f*cking lazy as hell, I get frustrated way too easily, I was a buzz kill around my friends, I've had the idea in my head my whole life that I'm intelligent, but am I f*ck. I'm reasonably okay in the thinking department, smarter than most, but far from intelligent. I'm not gonna do anything productive with my life, as much as I want to, as much as I may try to, I'm a lazy f*ck who gives up on everything. You know how lazy I am. I'm so f*cking lazy that I sometimes stay in the same clothes for days, don't shower for days and don't brush my teeth for f*cking days. You know, maybe it's because I've just lost my incentive in life. Being bullied relentlessly since you're five messes with your head. I just got to a point where I assumed that no one outside of the family really gave a f*ck about me, so what did it matter if I was disgusting. I stopped earlier this year after I realized how revolting I had become. I've done something I'm so ashamed of that I've had anxiety about since f*cking January, all because I was a lazy a**hole who really didn't give a sh*t anymore. Now I don't know how to face the world again, after being so disgusting for so long. Moving on from me, f*** teenagers. I am a teenager and I'm saying f*ck my age group. Not the whole lot of us, but good god, the vast majority are idiots. Seriously, why the hell are they so stupid. I hate it when they judge other people for being different and act all high and mighty. "oh my god, you're like, so disgusting and weird and I hate you, and nobody likes you because you're weird". Well you know what, f*ck you. What gives you the right to be so goddamn high and mighty like you're f*cking god or something. Well you're not. You're a stupid little speck of carbon in a vast universe, and you're existence is just as meaningless as mine and anyone elses. And what have I done to be hated so much. I'm different from you, so what. That doesn't mean your better than me, and in fact, I don't judge people because they're different, because I'm not an egomaniac moron like yourself. You are not the person upon which everyone else should base themselves. You're stupid, you're nasty, you're obnoxious, you're whiny and above all you're unpleasant to be around. You want to judge somebody, then why don't you take a look in the f*cking mirror

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okami1995 ranted 7 years, 1 month ago.
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anonymous commented on this rant 5 years, 2 months ago.

You're not lazy, you're clinically depressed. You just described the standard textbook symptoms for depression. You're not worthless, but depression makes you feel that way. You'd be amazed at how much better you'd feel & how much more in life you could accomplish if you get help for this. Please talk to somebody. I bet you're one of those intelligent individuals who's been hindered for, who knows how long, by this one obstacle that can be fixed. Please consider getting help.

madlyinlove commented on this rant 5 years, 9 months ago.

Beat the sh*t out of them

Tekie Scythe commented on this rant 7 years, 1 month ago.

I really do know how you feel, but you're lucky your family backs you up. Mine doesn't. I don't bother showering because my dad will just put me down. I also don't get teenagers anymore. I'm 15 and I hate all of them. They act like idiots and always make fun of others. (I think they do it to make them feel better.) I always find it easier to talk to Teachers or Odd people like me... Maybe that's what you could try.