It seems like I'm gonna be lonely forever at this rate.

It seems like I'm gonna be lonely forever at this rate,I'm finally going into high school. All of my best friends are in some sort of relationship, and I'm just sitting here. Waiting. Are you just going to rub it in my face more?
How many times are you gonna tell me that "Sorry, no offense 'My name here' , but I don't think anyone really likes you that way."
You know, I thought you were my friend, your supposed to be supporting me…
Then, right after you say that you leave me a message later that night saying "OMG I JUST GOT ASKED OUT!!!"
Thanks, a******.
And for you, other girl.
I'm not gonna say any names.
In just the eight grade alone you've dated…
and him?
And during that year you were asked out 5 times? I kept count,maybe I shouldn't have. It just makes me feel worse about myself.

Sometimes I just wish that one guy would just come along,
Like in the movies. :\
I also wish my friends would stop talking about "OMG, I totally caught him staring at my ass!" or "I just got asked out AGAIN. I don't even like the guy."
Well, you should be happy, even if you don't like him.
At least someone cares about you.

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Radium ranted 7 years, 1 month ago.
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anonymous commented on this rant 7 years, 1 month ago.

Who you are with does not define who you are. You don't need to be dating to be happy!

anonymous commented on this rant 7 years, 1 month ago.

Ohh sweetie pea pie, no worries everyone use to get this guy or that....lol I'm an adult25 and my life so far has tAught me all those lil boys are worried abt one thing, and
If u don't give it or something along the lines of it they won't want u, but if they do get it(at that young age) it hurts a lot worse
When they walk away because they got what they wanted. They want ur "friends" because wether we know it or not. Ur lil friends are probably
Little huzz buckets. And no man is going to want a huzz bucket 4 a wife;) so stick to ur guns girl and if
They ask u out tell them NO! And that will prove u are too good 4 them. I always had a lot of
Guy friends in school to keep away from all that girl crap!!! And u learn some interesting
Our looks from them all too:) and a little nasty secrets about those girls u think(but are not) any better or prettier
Or smarter(obviously) and I'm sure their asses don't look that good. That's probably what u should tell them..
"really because I heArd he said it looked like it jiggled and he was laughing abt it)

noskillz commented on this rant 7 years, 1 month ago.

I understand your discouragement. When I was in eighth grade no one asked me out. I liked plenty of people, but I wasn't approached. I decided to wait it out and spent the time getting into new hobbies. I later found out that I was not asked out because other people felt to intimidated by me. I didn't get that until I came to a realization that I felt confident with myself and that made others feel intimidated to approach me. When I was in the 11th grade that's when things changed for me and I had people asking me out. Let time be your friend.