If you stare at me, I might just stare at you back.

If you're staring at me, just stop. It's just so awkward, especially if you're a stranger. Yesterday I was in a big city with my friend and we got lunch at a big restaurant and there was this girl staring at me and she was in maybe grade four to six. I could see her staring at me in the corner of my eye. Just STOP STARING AT ME. What do you want? Are you jealous of me for being older than you or something? Girls that are younger than me that I see in the stores that I don't know just look at me for a long time when they see me. Are they jealous of me? I just have no idea why girls that are younger than me just stare at me. This doesn't happen at school, but when I'm out shopping. This never happens at school. I was at Wal-Mart one day and there was this little girl in grade five maybe and she just kept on looking at me every time I passed her. I could see her staring at me from the corner of my eye for a long time. Then, as soon as we were about to leave, she was about 20 feet away from me at the time. We were both facing the same direction. Then, I see her looking back at me. SHE TURNED HER HEAD AND JUST STARED AT ME WHILST SHE WAS WALKING. God. Want to hear a creepy story? My grandma and I were walking home from a car shop and there was this guy who just kept on staring at me. He saw me look at him when we was staring at me, he didn't care. He even stopped and looked at me. So, I hid beside a box where he could not see me. There are so much creepy people where I live.

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gay ranted 7 years ago.
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