Stop making out in the middle of the hallway, WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE.

My friend is not allowed to date. She is in grade seven, and I think these are good rules for her. I saw her in her classroom, and she was cuddling with this really rude guy who is rude to everyone and goes from girl to girl. (this guy was mentioned in my rant "Get a life, stop trying to be cool.") He is in grade seven too. They were pretending to date. What is wrong with some people? And you know what's worse? They were in the middle of the hallway and hugging each other for minutes, and there lots of people around. I have seen him do this with other girls too. This is what I said out loud with my friend: "Do that crap at home, not in the middle of the hallway. We don't want to see that stuff." I think he heard, but I don't really care. I don't care if the girl does, either. What are you guys trying to prove? You are not attracting anyone. Just because you two are "dating", it doesn't mean that you have to make out in front of everybody. Leave that for home, we don't care. Also, they did this on the first day they were "dating." Some people are just so stupid.

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gay ranted 7 years ago.
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