Nose Pickers in Traffic

What is it with these people who think they suddenly disappear when they're driving in their car?! We've all witnessed those nose pickers, while sitting in traffic, who dig wayyyy up there with such conviction! As if what they're searching for lies somewhere in between their sinus and their fore-brain. They dig with such passion and with disregard to those around them gagging, tearing up, and struggling to keep their last meal down. Or even worse, to those who were running late to work, so they grab a Nutri-Grain Bar to go. In the process of chewing and right before swallowing, one quick glance diagnally … And WHAM!! The Nose picker!!! You notice them and quickly turn away in hopes that you didn't see enough to send goosebumps and trigger that gag reflex. However, that split second is always enough to engrave that picture into your brain. It doesn't matter how quickly you turn away upon the realization that you've got a nose picker beside you in their quest to find the prize. It only takes the mere awareness that there is indeed a Nose Picker in the act to send your stomach churning. Before you know it, that large bite of strawberry filled Nutri-Grain bar suddenly turns into the world's largest, snot-filled boogar as if makes it's way down your throat. And breakfast is ruined!!

I've got ONE word for you: -YUCKY!!!

Didn't your mama teach you manners?!!

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DV8-DX-pected ranted 9 years, 1 month ago.
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DV8-DX-pected commented on this rant 8 years, 11 months ago.

Hi Gigi- I'm assuming your response was in reference to a different post, but you're right. I didn't mean to generalize. I was speaking in terms of that individual who wrote his/her feelings at that particular time. I'm not sure what your situation is, but what I do know is that sometimes life hands us a crappy card (or many crappy cards). However, what we decide to do with those cards (or bad experiences in life which we had no control over) is definitely within our power. We can use past hardships to make us tougher, more determined, more desired to be (or to not be) what we've witnessed growing up. You can use these experiences to fuel that self-determination within you to succeed. The only other option is to let it control your thoughts and emotions to the point where it simply drags you down and stifles personal growth and success.

You have absolutely NO control over your experiences growing up- this is true. Children are merely victims of their parents' mistakes- and believe me, ALL parents do make mistakes as nobody is perfect. However, some make mistakes that are far grander on the scale and oftentimes unforgivable- all which as children, you have no control over. However, as an adult, you have FULL and ABSOLUTE control over your choices- what direction you take and what achievments you choose to fulfill.

Look at it this way ... children who are overly sheltered or coddled their entire lives spend a large portion of their adult lives learning how to function and deal with tough, everyday life situations- assuming they do learn at all. They are more likely to expect that things will be handed to them with minimal work. However, that's not how life works in the real world. They have to learn this the hard way as half of their adulthood is wasted away in tourment figuring this out. Those who are forced to learn it at a young age are already fully aware that life is not always perfect and have already had to learn coping mechanisms to overcome tough situations. In a way, this gives them an upper hand (perhaps even an enormous head start) because they've learned those lessons and have already learned to be independent throughout their younger years.

If you've managed to live your childhoood without your parents' guidence, MY GOD!! You are MORE THAN capable of conquering ANYTHING that life throws your direction! You've managed to make it in this world with what EVERY child depends 100% on! And to survive that ... Well, If that's not KICK-ASS TOUGH, then I don't know what is!!!

I assume that using what was learned when forced to be independent at a young age and applying that towards success today, rather than letting those hardships and negative experiences be for nothing, would make success far greater and far more gratifying- as we never know extreme happiness unless we've experienced extreme sadness to compare and to truly appreciate happiness once it's obtained.

I'm not sure if this pertains to your situation, but I hope I clarified what I meant by that previous post :-)

Gigi commented on this rant 8 years, 11 months ago.

I completely agree with you. It's interesting that you mentioned how kids who have managed to lead their lives without their parents are capable of conquering anything. History does in fact show that to be true. Many successful historical figures (like JD Rockefeller) and CEOs (including ones from multi-billion dollars companies) spent their childhood doing chores at home and started working before 18 years of age. They've overcome a lot of obstacles/hardships to make them stronger as a person, instead of making up excuses for their failures.

I feel bad for those kids who are overly sheltered by their parents their entire lives. They normally don't have the skills to face the real world. The real world isn't pretty sometimes and if you can't get used to it because of the good treatments you've had your whole life, it will pull you back.

Regardless of what the situation is, it’s all up to the person to be strong enough to just work with it.

anonymous commented on this rant 9 years ago.

i wish there's a feature on RantFoo! that will allow me to vote for the funniest ranter, because the obvious choice would be you!!! your rants are super funny and entertaining!!!!!!!!!! =D

anonymous commented on this rant 9 years ago.

Thanks for making me laugh. This is very hilarious and very well written! =)

Mmonkey commented on this rant 9 years ago.

didnt your mama teach you not to criticize people?

anonymous commented on this rant 9 years ago.

This is hilarious!

I know exactly what you're talking about.

Gigi commented on this rant 8 years, 11 months ago.

Not everyone are lucky enough to have parents that will teach them things we all take for granted....

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Calai commented on this rant 9 years ago.


RoAdWoLf commented on this rant 9 years ago.

LMAO, I think we called em gold diggers, digging for that nugget, lol
Whenever I see someone doing something stupid in their car I'll hit my air horn.
Not only are they busted but every one else is now looking at them too.
When i get out to Cali I'm gona flick buggies on your windshield lol