When the teacher keeps the whole class in at lunch when one kid did something bad.

Why do teachers keep the whole class in at lunch just because one person did something wrong? It's kind of like putting a person in jail when they're innocent. Just put that one person in detention, not the whole class. It is just rude and taking fun away from other people. I'm in this certain grade, and one day the class made a mess at lunch in our classroom when he wasn't there. It was a disaster. So we had to figure out how many days we've been in school and then when we found the answer, he said "if someone does something bad like this again the whole class will have to write or do something over 1000 times. You have been to school over 1000 times and you should know this by now because your past teachers and your other teachers now have been telling you to leave the class clean and pick up your garbage."

I don't do anything horrible during class but a lot of kids from other classes do and people from my class too. During lunch break our teacher was in the classroom and I asked him, "how come the whole class has to do something this amount of times if only one or two people did something wrong?" he interrupted me a little and said "I don't care, the whole class stays in and lunch and does that."

So you're taking the fun away from about 20 people, and they have to do something they don't have to do. Seriously. So, I know that I will be doing something over 1000 times. Someone already threw an apple at the wall, (in fact she is my desk partner) and it shattered into a million pieces. So she cleaned it up and got help from other people. She confessed this to the teacher and thankfully, we didn't do something over a 1000 times. Let's just hope it never happens.

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