here are a few people that annoy me .Grammar Nazi's I hate that when I make a typing mistake, the ...

here are a few people that annoy me

.Grammar Nazi's

I hate that when I make a typing mistake, the f*cking grammar Nazi's are all over it. Don't get me wrong, correct me by all means, but do you all have to f*cking do it. It's like, "Okay, that guy already corrected me, you didn't have to as well, but whatever. Oh, come on, it's already been done twice, you don't have to as well. Okay, now it's just getting ridiculous. Oh, come the f*ck on, I get it, I made a spelling mistake, get the f*ck over it already, it was just a f*cking typo

.People that create chaos on the road because they're selfish b*stards

Today, I was sat in the car (not driving of course, I can't actually drive, I'm only just the legal age to learn) on what is already a poorly made piece of road, and there's a really awkward traffic jam that's difficult to solve, and there's this one selfish c*** sat in his car. If he reversed, all of our problems would be solved, but no, he just sits there like the utter w*nker he is. F*ck you, car guy, f*ck you.

.People that think they're so much better than you and act like judgmental c*nts

They're all like, "errr, that's so disgusting, you're sick, you should get help, blah blah blah blah blah blah f***ing BLAH". Oh yeah, like you've never done anything gross, or bad, or whatever. You made me feel so much better about myself, thanks, you stupid w*nking b*stard.

.F*cking internet trolls

These stupid f*ckholes think they're so fantastic, and they get all b*tchy over the simplest things. Discussing something like Dragon Ball Z, "god, you stupid f*ck, Vegeta is like, way stronger than Goku, you stupid f*cking idiot w*nker". Okay, first of all, this is an animated show we're talking about, why the need to act like a c*nt over a tv show. Secondly, do you have any evidence to support your claim, or are you just assuming you're right and everyone else is wrong and stupid. Go f*ck yourselves you d*cks

.The right wing

Especially in the U.S.A. Okay, why do you care if people want to get abortions, or if gay people want to get married. It's none of your f*cking business, so stick your filthy f*cking nose out of everyone elses business, you filthy f*cking right wing c*nts. Oh, what's that right wing, atheists are evil and the cause of all America's problems. Okay, prove it. What the hell has atheism ever done to you. It's never caused an ounce of harm to anyone. And don't you f*cking dare point to people like Mao and Stalin and say, that's what all atheists are like. No, that's bullsh*t. The reason for their vile activities were their political ideologies, not their disbelief in god. It's like me saying, look, Hitler was a Roman Catholic, therefore, all Roman Catholic's are like that. Complete b*lls*** with absolutely no evidence, and you f*cking know it you right wing ars*holes.

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