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We ask the school board to provide books, transportation for those who are far from the schools and good teachers.
While they have not successfully completed this mission they are demanding we accommodate their psychological need to dress our children and spend the money they have not removed from our pockets with their endless taxes and supply lists.

Please.... where is the damn cavalry when you need them. Who the F stole my country? These bloodsuckers living off my money are payed to administrate not to do my job as a parent. These spineless lawyers sit on their ass in Montgomery while this stuff goes on. Ask anybody within education passing these dictatorial mandates if they have read the Alabama Constitution regarding the department of education and they tell you "no".

The worse part of this is that parents who are so willing to give up their rights to privacy and independent lives separate from government don't realize what a mistake they are making. The political system or the board of education or this particular agency of government is condoning, allowing, conspiring, or assisting, etc., it really doesn't matter what word you use here. They are making it possible for it to look like the wishes of these parents are being carried out.

Hey guess what? A group of parents who want to give up their constitutional rights can't legally make that decision for anyone but themselves. And even then there is usually someone who will bring it to their attention that they are stuck with those rights, the rights are not negotiable.

You have to wonder why these PHD types are forever trying to take advantage of the average working person that pays their damn salary. There is still a prejudicial attitude from outside the school system that assumes that some major percentage of folks in the public schools are slackers. The kids in these schools represent a tremendous pool of talent in so many ways. The ones that are really far behind in elementary school need stringent evaluation to see if there is something else going on with them.

What I do know is the BOE needs to work at getting those books, transportation, and teachers and leave the clothes thing up to the people who were meant from the beginning of time to handle it .. the parents.

P.S. 50 parents and $50 each gets us a lawsuit. Make no mistake when I contacted the State Superintendent's office and their lawyers I was told common sense was not the solution, that things were "usually" settled in court. This is not about your stupid clothes it's about the government being in places it doesn't belong. Squawk now before they pull it off!
Karen Mellos

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quakecity ranted 8 years, 10 months ago.
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anonymous commented on this rant 8 years, 10 months ago.

Wow, that was well written. I agree whole-heartedly.

The priority should be getting the kids to school and educating them over what they wear. I went to a school that let us wear almost anything. There were a few rules (shirts tucked in, not too showy, no profanity, etc.), but they were extremely easy to follow. I think kids in our school system benefited from the fact that it spent its time and energy focusing on the most important thing: education.

4thGENWF commented on this rant 8 years, 10 months ago.

The compulsory nature of our government school system in harmony with it's near total monopoly of status of providing educational services is the source of it's greatest failure.

It does not perform - simply because in reality, it does not have too...

Administrators and teachers draw their living from the taxpayer trough - they are NOT required to meet your needs and expectations in order to make a profit or correct a bad balance sheet. In fact, in their world - bad schools should get more taxpayer money - In a competitive world a bad school would go bankrupt, the thus the money would flow to a "better" school... Free markets self correct, Goverment monopolies feed failure...