Hip Hop Music And Why I Rock

Okay, you know what, I'm starting to really get sick of my music. Why do I say "my" music? Because I'm a black chick who twitches whenever a Chris Brown song comes on the radio. Wanna know why I can't stand most of the hip hop songs I hear? Because of what they're mostly about. Sex, money, murder, and drugs. Nice. Yeah, that's what we want kids listening to. And this is coming from a kid! I'm fourteen and I can't stand it. When I turn on the radio, I don't want to hear "I just wanna see you strip". No! That's stupid and the subliminal messages are annoying. What the hell! We look up to singers and music artists because of said subliminal messages. They're music is supposed to help us or brighten up our day, not give us instructions on how to become a stripper. Oh, and that song "Birthday Cake" by Rihanna and Chris Brown. What the f*** is that song even about? How the hell is sex related to a birthday cake? Bravo, you two idiots, you just traumatized kids all over the nation. What's next, are you going to ruin ice-cream, too? Then there's that song "Dance" by Big Sean and Nicki Minaj. The hell? All I heard when I listened to that was "Ass, ass, ass, ass." Yeah, but adults don't want their kids doing this stuff. Aren't the majority of the music artists out there adults? When Beyonce and Jay-Z's kid gets older, what will they say about all of this? See? Seeee? this is why I listen to rock! Green Day, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Good Charlotte, All American Rejects, The Offspring, whatever! Against my culture, you say? Well, destroying the value of a once thought-worthy birthday treat goes against my MORALS! Hello, people, do you not see this bulls***? Some of you may be offended by this. Good! Maybe now you'll see how this s***'ll mess with your brain! And no, I am not bashing all Hip Hop, because I enjoy a lot of it. Its freaking great. I just hate kind that is continuously about sex, money, murder, and drugs. You can glare at my "Gives You Hell" T-Shirt all you want. That won't stop me from screaming the words to "American Idiot" in your ears while you try to decipher the meaning behind the lyrics to the song "Wobble". Let me help. THERE IS NO MEANING. There are songs that just came out that I can actually listen to, like "Fly", "The Motto", "Take Care". I have to go all the way back in time to get a good song. Ever hear "Ladies First" by Queen Latifah? No? Well listen to it and tell me that it's the same. You can't. Why? Because that song is actually meaningful. Now stop telling that I'm an Oreo and that I'm going against my culture. My culture changed and made me this way. Know what, you won't go far, kid. It's a topsy turvy world we're living in and you're on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. If you'd rather listen about how to identify a Stupid Hoe instead of going home and getting stoned, go ahead. You're gonna get f***ed up and when the time comes, Imma give you hell!

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K.D.Ownz ranted 6 years, 9 months ago.
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